BAD BOY Jiu Jitsu Gi RETRO White SALE [bak-040]

BAD BOY Jiu Jitsu Gi RETRO White SALE [bak-040]

Our Selling Price: 13,608JPY(tax incl.)

Retail Price: 19,440JPY

Weight: 2000g

The Bad Boy Retro BJJ Gi honors a decade of memorable BJJ brawls through a vintage limited-edition design and a premium Pearl Weave fabric.

Manufacturer: BAD BOY

Type: Jiu-jitsu (top and pants set · belt sold separately)

Model: Retro

Color: White

Material: 100% cotton

Jacket: lightweight 450 gsm Jacket

Pants: 8 oz Rip Stop pants

Processing: Pre-shrunk (shrink-proof processing)

The Bad Boy Retro BJJ Gi bears the vintage Bad Boy logo, worn by some of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt athletes in 90’s as Rickson Gracie, Wallid Ismail or Vitor Belfort.

An iconic logo that saw devastating chokes, armbar or hook and now resuscitates on the mats.


A0 size Top Length 71 cm Width 57 cm Cuffs to cuffs 159 cm Sleeve width 16.5 cm
Pants length 92 cm Width 54.5 cm Thigh width 32.5 cm Inseam 67 cm
Weighs about 1.6 kg

A1 size Top length 75cm body width 58cm cuffs from cuffs 167cm sleeve width 16.5cm
Pants length 97 cm Width 55 cm Thigh width 33 cm Inseam 73.5 cm
Weight about 1.65 kg

A2 size Top Length 78 cm Width 59.5 cm Cuffs to cuffs 176 cm Sleeve width 17 cm
Pants length 101 cm Width of a garment 56 cm Thigh width 33 cm Inseam 78.5 cm
Weight about 1.7 kg

A3 size Top Length 83.5 cm Width 64.5 cm Cuffs to cuffs 183 cm Sleeve width 17.5 cm
Pants length 104 cm Width 59 cm Thigh width 35.5 cm Inseam 77 cm
Weighs about 1.9 kg

A4 size Top Length 85 cm Width 66 cm Cuffs to cuffs 185 cm Sleeve width 19 cm
Pants length 112.5 cm Width of a garment 60 cm Thigh width 35.5 cm Inseam 81.5 cm
Weighs about 2 kg

(Estimated size from the manufacturer)

A0 Size Height 152cm - 165cm Weight 49kg - 63.5kg
A1 size Height 165cm - 177cm Weight 63.5kg - 75kg
A2 size Height 177cm - 181cm Weight 75kg - 86kg
A3 size Height 181cm - 185cm Weight 86kg - 97.5kg
A4 size Height 185cm - 191cm Weight 97.5kg - 109kg
A5 size Height 191cm - 196cm Weight 109kg - 122.5kg

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