HALEO Protein Series CHASE 1.5kg/3kg [hl-506]

HALEO Protein Series CHASE 1.5kg/3kg [hl-506]

Our Selling Price: 6,199JPY(tax incl.)

Retail Price: 8,856JPY

Weight: 3000g

HALEO Protein Series CHASE 1.5kg/3kg

. Luxury Protein for supporting your body building

・Originally designed ingredients and luxury flavors

・Perfect support system for digestion and absorption

Lean muscle mass generator[CHASE]
The supporter for helping fat loss and building muscle
Using One of the most luxurious "whey protein isolate"(WPI)
Carbon blend of releasing EndureR3
5000mg amount of Blended of a water soluble and insoluble dietary fiber

How to take:
Two scoop of the spoon(about 80g) at one time

Composition of contents(in about 80g)
Energy 297kcal
Protein 20g
fat 0.9g
carbohydrate 47.5g
dietary fiber 5.0g
natrium 224mg

Separation whey protein, palatinose, Maruto dextrin, trehalose, strawberry powder, inulin, guar gum enzyme resolvent, cream extract powder, milk extract powder, oat fiber, apple fiber, wheat fiber, a compound enzyme (lipase, α amylase, lactase, neutral protease, cellulase), an existence spore lactic acid bacterium, an emulsifier (in a part of the raw materials including milk, the soybean)

This product has a case not to be completely mixed in water but which is indispensable ingredients as for taste or texture of Formula. We are sure there is no any problem in quality. I manage the capacity at weight not the capacity among these products and make bottling.

I attach TSP guarantee of quality logo to prove it to the product to guarantee the supplement which it is the pure, and is safe. It is the original system which the TSP guarantee of quality program is comprehensive, and is clean. I show the country of origin of all major components, and the product catches the examination of prohibition material pollution in a third party and is disclosed information. The user can decide the purchase based on this information in peace.

Separation whey protein: The United States of America

Palatinose: Japan

Maruto dextrin: Japan

Trehalose: Japan

Strawberry powder: Poland

Inulin: Belgium

Guar gum enzyme resolvent: India

Oat fiber: Germany

Apple fiber: Germany

Wheat fiber: Germany

An existence spore lactic acid bacterium (comfortable toss pore): India

digezime: India

Valid until August 2019

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