DVD The Folding System Fernando Reis [vx-567]

DVD The Folding System Fernando Reis [vx-567]

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Product name: DVD The Folding System by Fernando Reis.

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There is one key difference between the guys who consistently win in BJJ and the ones who lose. Do you know what it is???
The ones who win start their matches or their rolls in the gym with a plan, the guys who lose only react to their opponents’. In all facets of life, a plan beats no plan.
Fernando Reis Always Has a Plan…
He pulls into half guard, gets deep under his opponent (folding him in half) and then sweeps. Then he does something very important: his passing flows right from his sweep – that is the plan! His Folding Pass is almost unstoppable.
But Fernando’s sweeps and his passing aren’t shown in the US very often – most American competitors don’t use it well. There are some Brazilian killers like Fernando who do, like the great Rodolfo Viera. The US has a very vanilla BJJ game for the most part and that is why the Brazilians almost always win. At the World Championships, the Brazilians win over 99% of the Gold Medals in Men’s Black Belt Adult.
The Brazilians don’t win because they are Brazilians, they win because they have better techniques and better systems! Imagine what you could do if you knew Fernando’s system.How many more rolls would you win in the gym against your friends and instructors? How many more tournaments would you win?
What Belts does this game work for?
Fernando has won championships at every belt level using this exact Folding System. If you watch what he’s doing, and drill these techniques, your game and results could change in a couple of weeks. This is a complete system of BJJ.
Knowing one technique won’t get you too far though, unless…
You know your options and your opponent’s options. Fernando does the same sweep and the same pass – he’s been doing them since he’s been a blue belt, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to show you a magic trick. He is going to show you how to sweep and pass no matter what your opponent does.


If you know what your opponent is going to do before he does it, then you can easily beat him. The way to know what your opponent is going to do is to train from that position and have the answers for every possible scenario. If he turns to his side you have a move. If he backsteps you have a move. If he tries to guillotine you have a move…
Is knowing every scenario possible? No, that probably isn’t realistic.
But it is realistic to know 90% of them, and if you are training in an area more than your opponent is then it doesn’t matter what color your belt is or how long you’ve been training – you’re going to win most of the time.

1. Knee Shield Tilt Sweep
2. Under Hook Steam Roll From Half Guard
3. Half Guard Log Roll
4. Back Take When Opponent Bases
5. Takedown Counter When Opponent Runs
6. Knee Pick
7. Steam Roller Starting From Deep Half
8. Kettle Bell Sweep
9. Variation Of Kettle Bell Sweep

1. Reverse Half Guard Counter
2. Reverse Half Guard Counter 2
3. Reverse Half Guard Sweep To Leg Drag
4. Reverse Half Guard Sweep
5. Sweep To Mount From Reverse Half Guard
6. Back Take From Reverse Half Guard
7. Kimura From Reverse Half Guard
8. Guillotine From Reverse Half Guard
9. Elbow Push Sweep From Reverse Half Guard

1. Folding Pass Basics
2. Side Jump From Folding Pass
3. Crawl To Mount From Folding Pass
4. Rolling Back Take From Folding Pass
5. Back Take From Folding Pass
6. The Folding Switch
7. Folding Pass To Ezekiel Choke

1. De La Riva Pass
2. Reverse De La Riva Pass
3. Spider Guard Pass
4. Lasso Guard Pass
5. Back Take From Deep Half Guard
6. Butterfly Guard Pass
7. Sit Up Guard Pass
8. Knee Shield Pass
9. Single Leg X Guard

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