Scramble Jiu jitsu KIDS Gi White [sbk-200]

Scramble Jiu jitsu KIDS Gi White [sbk-200]

Our Selling Price: 9,900JPY(tax included)

Weight: 1000g

Manufacturer: Scramble (scramble)

Type: Jiu jitsu KIDS gi (up-and-down set-band sold separately)

Color: White

Material: 100% cotton


K1 size upper garment dress length 53cm width of a garment 42.5cm cuff from cuff 122cm cuff 13cm 1kg

Pants length 72.5cm width of a garment 28cm inseam 54cm thigh width 22.5cm

K2 size ependymal Length 59.5m Width 43cm cuff from cuff 123cm cuff 13cm 1.1kg

Pants length 76cm width of a garment 28.5cm inseam 58cm thigh width 24cm

K3 size ependymal Length 61.5cm Width 46cm cuff from cuff 133cm cuff 14cm 1.2kg

Pants length 76.5m Width 32cm inseam 58.5cm thigh width 25cm

K4 size ependymal Length 64.5cm Width 48.5cm cuff from cuff 138cm cuff 13.5cm 1.25kg

Pants length 80cm width of a garment 30m inseam 61.5cm thigh width 25.5cm

K5 size upper garment dress length 67cm width of a garment 61cm cuff from cuff 145.5cm cuff 14.5cm 1.35kg

Pants length 83cm width 33m inseam 64cm thigh width 27.5cm

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