BLACK BALL Jiu Jitsu Gi EVOLUTION Black [bbk-006]

BLACK BALL Jiu Jitsu Gi EVOLUTION Black [bbk-006]

Our Selling Price: 15,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

The Gi Black Ball New Evolution was developed prioritizing comfort and durability is ensured for a triple seam, reinforced with double layers of fabric in key areas for maximum durability, its pre tissue - shrunk allows a better fit, pants twill with reinforcement double fabric knees and woven fabric in the crotch.

Manufacturer: Black Ball

Type: Jiu jitsu Gi (top and bottom set-band sold separately)


Color: Black

Jacket fabric: 410gsm Single Weave

Pants: Professional Heavy Twill Pants

Material: 100% cotton


A0 size ependymal Length 72.5cm Width 51cm cuff from cuff 148cm cuff width 17cm

Pants length 87.5cm width of a garment 56.5cm thigh width 26cm inseam 64.5cm Weight: 1.4kg

A1 size upper garment dress length 74cm width of a garment 55.5cm cuff from cuff 160cm cuff width 17cm

Pants length 90cm width of a garment 58cm thigh width 27.5cm inseam 67cm Weight: 1.55kg

A2 size ependymal Length 79cm Width 60cm cuff 164cm cuff width 17cm from the cuffs

Pants length 97cm width of a garment 58.5cm thigh width 29cm inseam 70.5cm 1.45kg

A3 size ependymal Length 84cm Width 61cm cuff from cuff 160cm cuff width 17cm

Pants length 100cm width 61cm thigh width 30cm inseam 73cm Weight: 1.65kg

※It becomes slightly rough with the sewing of this product so please buy it after approval.We appreciate your understanding.

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