Hayabusa Rashguard FUSION Long Sleeve Blue/Green [hb-002]

Hayabusa Rashguard FUSION Long Sleeve Blue/Green [hb-002]

Our Selling Price: 6,900JPY(tax included)

Weight: 300g

Manufacturer: Hayabusa

Type: Rashguard Long Sleeve

Model: Fusion

Color: Blue / Green

Material: 94% soft, 6% polyester elastane blend

Material: Soft 94% Polyester 6% Elastane Blend

Waistband: Non-slip silicone waistband

Structure: 8 panels, 4-way stretch

Stitch: Reinforced Flat Lock Stitch

Best Use: Grappling, Under Jiu-Jitsu Cloth

Care instructions: Machine chill and tumble dry.


S size Length 66cm Width 43.5cm Sleeve length 65.5cm

M size Length 68cm Width 46.5cm Sleeve length 69cm

L size Length 70cm Width 49m Sleeve length 70.5cm

XL size Length 72cm Width 50.5cm Sleeve length 73.5cm

(Size guide table from the manufacturer)

S size height ~ 172 cm weight ~ 70 kg

M size height 172-180 cm weight 70-79 kg

L size height 180-188 cm weight 79-90 kg

XL size Height 188 cm ~ Weight 90 kg ~

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