Hayabusa Jiu Jitsu Gis Goorudo 2 White [hbk-020]

Hayabusa Jiu Jitsu Gis Goorudo 2 White [hbk-020]

Our Selling Price: 21,900JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

Hayabusa® set out to create the best competition gi possible and did just that with the development of the Hayabusa® Goorudo™ Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi. Developed with the finest gold weave fabric and stitching, this high-performance gi simply outperforms the competition giving you the tactical edge you need. For superior strength, durability and maneuverability, upgrade to the Hayabusa® Goorudo™ Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi today!

・Our Strongest and Most Durable Gi to Date
・Reinforced Stress Areas Throughout the Jacket and Pants
・Designed with 550-gsm Gold Spec-Weave Material and 12oz Twill Cotton Pants for Superior Strength and Durability
・Patch Detailing On Lapel, Chest, Shoulders and Back and Legs
・Adorned with Traditional Kanjis Meaning “Courage/Bravery”


A0 size ependymal Length 69cm / Width 52cm / cuffs cuffs from 150cm / cuff width 14.5cm

Pants length 91cm / Width 49cm / inseam 66cm / thigh width 27cm

It weighs about 1.8kg

A1 size ependymal Length 73cm / Width 55cm / cuffs cuffs from 156cm / cuff width 15cm

Pants length 95cm / Width 50cm / inseam 69.5cm / thigh width 28.5cm

It weighs about 2.0kg

A2 size ependymal Length 76cm / Width 57cm / cuff from cuff 162cm / cuff width 15.5cm

Pants length 98.5cm / Width 52cm / inseam 70cm / thigh width 27.5cm

It weighs about 2.1kg

A3 size ependymal Length 80cm / Width 62cm / cuffs cuffs from 174cm / cuff width 16.5cm

Pants length 104cm / Width 54cm / inseam 75cm / thigh width 28cm

It weighs about 2.3kg

Estimated size of the manufacturer described

A0 size:

5.0ft (152.4cm) ~ 5.4ft (164.5cm)

110lbs (49.9kg) ~ 140lbs (63.5kg)

A1 Size:

5.4ft (164.5cm) ~ 5.8ft (172.7cm)

140lbs (63.5kg) ~ 165lbs (74kg)

A2 Size:

5.8ft (172.7cm) ~ 5.11ft (180.3cm)

165lbs (74kg) ~ 190lbs (86kg)

A3 size:

5.11ft (180.3cm) ~ 6.2ft (187.9cm)

190lbs (86kg) ~ 215lbs (97.5kg)

A4 size:

6.2ft (187.9cm) ~ 6.5ft (195.5cm)

215lbs (97.5kg) ~ 240lbs (108.8kg)

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