VULKAN Jiu Jitsu Gis VKN PRO White [vlk-004]

VULKAN Jiu Jitsu Gis VKN PRO White [vlk-004]

Our Selling Price: 19,800JPY(tax incl.)

Retail Price: 20,800JPY

Weight: 1800g

Manufacturer: VULKAN

Type: Jiu Jitsu Gi set down ※ belt is sold separately.

Model: VKN PRO

Color: White

Material: 100% cotton

Size: Standard size

Processing: Pre-shrunk (shrink-proof)

A00 size ... more or less than 1.4kg

A0 size ... more or less than1.45kg

A1 size ... more or less than 1.5kg

A2 size ... more or less than 1.7kg

A3 size ... more or less than 1.85kg

A4 size ... more or less than 2.05kg

A00 size ependymal Length 70cm Width 47cm cuff from cuff 136cm cuff width 13cm

Pants length 85cm width of a garment 51cm inseam 63cm thigh width 25cm

A0 size ependymal Length 70cm width of a garment 54.5cm cuff from cuff 147cm cuff width 15cm

Pants length 82.5cm width of a garment 52.5cm inseam 62.5cm thigh width 25cm

A1 size ependymal Length 71cm width of a garment 59cm cuff from cuff 153cm cuff width 15cm

Pants length 86.5cm width of a garment 53cm inseam 66.5cm thigh width 27cm

A2 size ependymal Length 72.5cm Width 61cm cuff from cuff 161cm cuff width 15cm

Pants length 90cm width of a garment 55cm inseam 68cm thigh width 28cm

A3 size ependymal Length 83.5cm Width 63cm cuff from cuff 170cm cuff width 16.5cm

Pants length 98.5cm width of a garment 61cm inseam 70cm thigh width 31cm

A4 size ependymal Length 88.5cm Width 74cm cuff from cuff 183.5cm cuff width 19.5cm

Pants length 102cm width of a garment 63.5cm inseam 74cm thigh width 33cm

A0:Height 150cm~165cm Weight~70cm
A1 Height 160cm~175cm Weight~85kg
A2 Height 175cm~185cm Weight~95kg
A3 Height 185cm~195cm Weight ~105kg
A4 Height 195cm~210cm Weight~120kg

*these jackets and pants seem little big on height and weight.We recommend going for the size of one is less than 5cm or 5kg.

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