Gameness Red Line Open Palm MMA Gloves  Red/Black [gs-724]

Gameness Red Line Open Palm MMA Gloves  Red/Black [gs-724]

Our Selling Price: 6,500JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 400g

The Gameness Red Line Series is designed with the professional fighter in mind. These open-palm MMA gloves are built for comfort, protection and durability.

This 100% leather glove feels soft and supple the first time you put it on. The curved shape easily wraps around your fist on the first use. No need to spend months breaking these in.
The high-density padding protects you and your training partner.
The double-wrap Velcro closure system keeps these gloves tight.
Moisture-wicking liner helps keep these gloves dry during training.
Sold in pairs

S size Hight Length 18cm width12cm Knuckle length11.5cm
M size Hight Length 20.5cm width13cm Knuckle length13.5cm
L size Hight Length 21cm width13.5cm Knuckle length14.5cm

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