KEIKO Jiu Jitsu Gis New Gold Blue [ke-001]

KEIKO Jiu Jitsu Gis New Gold Blue [ke-001]

Our Selling Price: 17,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

The Gold Weave Kimono is manufactured with the best quality materials. Top of the line kimono, you won’t find a stronger kimono anywhere. Not only does it look great, but it works great for competitors, the thick feel the kimono is impossible to grip. It also has that famous lining that makes it stand out. Another favorite is the embroidered Brazilian flag on the right arm and Keiko logo on the left arm.

· 100% cotton
· 1,000gsm double weave jacket
· EVA foam on the lapel to keep away germs and making it harder for your opponent to grip
· Pre-shrunk body, Sleeve length and pant length will shrink to your preference depending on wash and dry
· Pants manufactured for extreme durability, and comfort. With reactive dyeing, which prevents fading
· Pants reinforced stitching and double lined from the thigh down
· Rope drawstring on the pants for better comfort and hold when training and competing
· IBJJF Approved
· Available in White or Blue
· Sizes A0-A5
· Belt Not Included

Made in Brazil


A0 size Top Length 71 cm Width 55 cm Cuff to Cuff 149 cm Cuff Width 17.5 cm
Pants Length 85 cm Width 46 cm Thigh width 27 cm
Weight 1.6 kg

A1 size Top Length 78.5cm Width 59cm Cuff from cuff 163cm Cuff width 18.5cm
Pants Length 93.5 cm Width 52 cm Thigh 28.5 cm Inseam 78.5 cm
Weight 1.7 kg

A2 size Top Length 82 cm Width 61 cm Cuff from cuff 172 cm Cuff width 18.5 cm
Pants length 93.5 cm width 55.5 cm thigh width 28.5 cm inseam 79 cm
Weight 1.85kg

A3 size Top Length 83 width 63.5 cm from the cuff 180.5 cm cuff width 18.5 cm
Pants Length 99 cm Width 58.5 cm Thigh Width 30.5 cm Inseam 85 cm
Weight 2 kg

A4 size Top Length 87 width 60 cm Cuff from cuff 180 cm Cuff width 19 cm
Pants Length 104 cm Width 60 cm Thigh width 37 cm
Weight 2.1 kg

Recommended size:
A0 size Height 160cm〜172cm Weight 50kg〜60kg
A1 size Height 165cm〜177cm Weight 60kg〜75kg
A2 size Height 170cm〜182cm Weight 70kg〜85kg
A3 size Height 175cm〜187cm Weight 80kg〜95kg
A4 size Height 180cm〜192cm Weight 95kg〜110kg

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