HAYABUSA Boxing Gloves IRON MAN Red [hb-789]

HAYABUSA Boxing Gloves IRON MAN Red [hb-789]

Our Selling Price: 31,900JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 1000g

Manufacturer: Hayabusa Fight Wear

Type: Boxing Gloves

Model: Iron Man

Color: Red

What makes Tony Stark a hero is his dedication, passion, and his genius intellect. Taking inspiration from his classic Iron Man suit, these gloves were made to reflect its mechanical components and iconic design.

These gloves were based on our bestseller T3 gloves, giving you the wrist support, hand protection, & comfort/fit you deserve.


Industry-leading wrist support
Versatile custom fit by Dual-X™
Proprietary foam composition
Ultra durable microfiber leather
Odor-resistant antimicrobial lining
Certificate of authenticity

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