FAVELA jiujitsu Fernando Terere 3DVD Set [vx-526]

FAVELA jiujitsu Fernando Terere 3DVD Set [vx-526]

Our Selling Price: 13,000JPY(tax incl.)

Retail Price: 13,900JPY

Weight: 400g

*2hours 48min
*3 Languages - English, Português, 日本語

Disc 4 Submissions


2.Standing Wrist Lock

3.Seated Wrist Lock

4.Brabo Cross Choke from Half Guard 1

5.Brabo Choke from Half Guard 2

6.Brabo Cross Choke from Half Guard 2

7.Triangle from Side Control

8.Paper Cutter Choke from Side Control 1

9.Baseball Choke from Side Control 1

10.Baseball Choke from Side Control 2

11.Armlock from Side Control 1

12.Kimura from Side Control

13.Armlock from Side Control 2

14.Straight Armlock from Side Control

15.Ezekiel from mount

16.Ameri-armlock from mount

17.Ameri-choke from mount

18.Sit Up Guard to Triangle

19.Sit Up Guard to Omoplata

Disc 5 Submissions from the bottom


2.Spider Lasso Triangle

3.Triangle Americana

4.Spider Lasso Omoplata

5.Spider Lasso Omoplata Armlock

6.Spider Lasso Omoplata Roll to Armlock

7.De La Spider Terere Armlock

8.Overhook Cross Choke

9.Overhook Straight Armlock

10.Overhook Triangle

11.Staller Armlock from Guard

12.Spinning Staller Armlock from Guard

13.Spinning Armlock from Guard

14.Sweep Armlock from Guard

15.Open Guard Loop Choke

16.Butterfly Sweep to Armlock

Disc 6 Submissions from Back Attacks


2.Taking the Back from Turtle 1

3.Taking the Back from Turtle 2

4.Key Details of Back Control

5.One Hook Escape Drill

6.One Hook Escape Collar Choke

7.Fall to Wrong Side & Armlock

8.Fall to Wrong Side & Ezekiel

9.Fall to Wrong Side & Bow & Arrow Choke

10.Terere Choke from Turtle

11.Bow & Arrow Choke from Turtle

12.Triangle & Choke from Turtle

13.Bonus: Rolled Up with Terere

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