KORAL Rashguard MEDIEVAL Long sleeve Grey/Black [koo-002]

KORAL Rashguard MEDIEVAL Long sleeve Grey/Black [koo-002]

Our Selling Price: 6,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 300g

Ideal for Submission, training and competitions and lycra can be used with kimono. Lightweight and flexible, has a modern design and high durability.

- 100% lycra;
- Reinforced seams;
- Dyed Pattern;
- Resistant to friction;
- Anatomical Modeling;
- Breathable Fabric.

Tip: To prolong the life of your Medieval Rash Guard is essential to observe some special care and strictly follow the washing instructions.

Washing instructions:

- Wash separately;
- Wash by hand;
- Wash with mild soap immediately after use;
- Do not pass;
- No spin;
- Do not leave ded sauce;
- Do not store wet piece;
- Do not store with other pieces of used training;
- Do not put in dryer.

S Size Length61cm Width 42cm neckedge to Sleeve 67cm
M Size Length62cm Width 44cm neckedge to Sleeve 70.5cm
L Size Length63m Width 45cm neckedge to Sleeve 72cm
XL Size Length66m Width 47.5cm neckedge to Sleeve 73cm

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