VENUM Rashguard Gladiator Long Sleeve Black/Red [ve2-0010]

VENUM Rashguard Gladiator Long Sleeve Black/Red [ve2-0010]

Our Selling Price: 6,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 300g

Gladiators, proud and fearless warriors. They have marked the history as real masterpiece of Antique Rome.

Fighting for their liberty, resisting with their last breath until the death, without ever having hesitation. Now honor these braves, respect these heroes of the past and become the talents of tomorrow.

Transcend the ages, dominate the arena and make it yours! Because what we do in our life resounds in the eternity: fight to the death!

Technical features:
- Compression fiber technology: improve blood flow to your working muscles and accelerate your recovery time.
Technical features.
- Hard-wearing spandex fabric for an unlimited life span.
- Sublimated graphics that will not rub off or peel.
- Long sleeves ensuring maximum protection against minor injuries.

S Size TopLength65cm Width38cm Neckedge to cuff length73cm ForBody weight50〜60kg
M Size TopLength66cm Width41cm Neckedge to cuff length75cm ForBody weight60〜70kg
L Size TopLength68cm Width42cm Neckedge to cuff length77cm ForBody weight70〜80kg
XL Size TopLength70.5cm Width44cm Neckedge to cuff length79cm ForBody weight80〜90kg

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