Fuji Sports Jiu-jitsu Gi Sekai White [fsk-010]

Fuji Sports Jiu-jitsu Gi Sekai White [fsk-010]

Our Selling Price: 18,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

Manufacturer: Fuji Sports

Model: Sekai

Type: Jiu-jitsu (top and pants set · belt sold separately)

Color: White

Material: 100% cotton

Uplayer: Lightweight fabric

Trousers: Triple reinforced rip stop pants

Sekai means "World" in Japanese. This authentic BJJ Gi from Fuji Sports was designed for serious performance and as a tribute to the world of BJJ. Inside print features some of the most popular areas where BJJ is widely practiced.

This lightweight gi design is bult to last with triple reinforced rip stop pants and extra rows of stitching for a sturdier collar.

*Lightweight fabric ideal for BJJ weigh-ins
*Triple reinforced rip stop pants
*Stiff collar with extra rows of stitching
*Bungee cord drawstring
*Contrast stitching


A0 size ependymal Length 73.5cm Width 51cm cuff 154cm cuff width 15.5cm from the cuffs and weighs about 1.4kg
Pants length 92cm width of a garment 52cm thigh width 29cm inseam 69cm

A1 size ependymal Length 74cm Width 51cm cuff from cuff 161.5cm cuff width 15.5cm and weighs about 1.5kg
Pants length 94cm width of a garment 53cm thigh width 33cm inseam 69cm

A2 size ependymal Length 73cm Width 54cm cuff from cuff 163cm cuff width 16cm weighs about 1.5kg
Trousers 95cm width of a garment 54cm thigh width 34cm inseam 70cm

A3 size ependymal Length 75cm Width 57cm cuff from cuff 167.5cm cuff width 16.5cm and weighs about 1.6kg
Pants length 98cm width of a garment 57cm thigh width 34.5cm inseam 71cm

Estimated size from the manufacturer

A0 Size: Height 147.32 cm ~ 154.94 cm Weight 43.09 kg ~ 49.9 kg
A1 size: height 157.48 cm ~ 165.1 cm weight 49.9 kg ~ 63.5 kg
A2 size: Height 165.1 cm ~ 175.26 cm Weight 63.5 kg ~ 77.11 kg
A2L Size: Height 177.8 cm - 182.88 cm Weight 63.5 kg - 77.11 kg
A2H Size: Height 165.1 cm ~ 175.26 cm Weight 77.11 kg ~ 86.18 kg
A3 size: Height 175.26 cm ~ 185.42 cm Weight 77.11 kg ~ 90.72 kg
A3L size: height 187.96 cm ~ 193.04 cm body weight 77.11 kg ~ 90.72 kg
A3H Size: Height 175.26 cm ~ 185.42 cm Weight 90.72 kg ~ 99.79 kg
A4 size: Height 182.88 cm - 193.04 cm Weight 90.72 kg - 113.4 kg

Suggested size recommendation from our company

A0 Size Height 155 cm - 166 cm Weight 50 kg - 64 kg
A1 size height 161cm ~ 172cm weight 58kg ~ 72kg
A2 size Height 166 cm - 177 cm Weight 64 kg - 78 kg
A3 size Height 171 cm - 182 cm Weight 74 kg - 88 kg

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