Fuji Sports Jiu-jitsu Gi Force Camouflage Camo [fsk-034]

Fuji Sports Jiu-jitsu Gi Force Camouflage Camo [fsk-034]

Our Selling Price: 17,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

The Fuji Force Camo is made for every day training as well as for competition. Designed for comfort and durability, this is a true BJJ Cut mid-weight uniform featuring a shorter jacket, tapered arms, strong pants, and excellent reinforcements, and good hefty collar.

Manufacturer: Fuji Sports

Model: Force Camouflage

Type: Jiu-jitsu (top and pants set · belt sold separately)

Color: Camo

Material: 100% cotton

Perfect for
Combat training
Defensive tactics training
Fun & Recreation
Incentive for kid's programs!


0 size Top length 62 cm width of a garment 45 cm cuffs to cuffs 128 cm cuff width 16 cm
Pants length 80.5 cm Width 32.5 cm Thigh width 26 cm Inseam 55 cm
Weighs about 1.25 kg

A1 size Top Length 72 cm Width 50 cm Cuffs to cuffs 158 cm cuff width 16 cm
Pants length 93 cm Width of a garment 50.5 cm Thigh width 32.5 cm Inseam 67 cm
Weight about 1.75 kg

A2 size Top Length 74.5 cm Width 54 cm Cuffs to cuffs 164 cm Cuffs Width 16.5 cm
Pants length 95 cm Width 54 cm Thigh width 34 cm Inseam 68 cm
Weight about 1.83 kg

A3 size Top Length 76.5 cm Width 58.5 cm cuffs to cuffs 172 cm cuff width 17.5 cm
Pants length 98 cm Width of a garment 56 cm Thigh width 35 cm Inseam 69 cm
Weighs about 1.98 kg

Suggested size recommendation from our company

0 Size Height 120 cm - 138 cm Weight 24 kg - 38 kg (Equivalent to M2 size)
A1 size height 161cm ~ 172cm weight 58kg ~ 72kg
A2 size Height 166 cm - 177 cm Weight 64 kg - 78 kg
A3 size Height 171 cm - 182 cm Weight 74 kg - 88 kg

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