SCRAMBLE Jiu Jitsu Gi ATHLETE Blue [sbk-005]

SCRAMBLE Jiu Jitsu Gi ATHLETE Blue [sbk-005]

Our Selling Price: 17,900JPY(tax included)

Weight: 2200g

Manufacturer: Scramble

Type: Jiu Jitsu Gi (Top and Pants set, Belt sold separately)

Model: Athlete GI

Color: Blue

Material: 100% cotton

Jacket: 450gsm pearl weave

Pants: 10oz ripstop


The Athlete is Scramble’s flagship jiujitsu gi, that sits at the top of our range. Over the years we have refined the fit and cut and the aesthetic, and the result is a clean, well fitting gi. Most sizes are tailored towards a more athletic cut, hence the name. There are three levels of Scramble’s Athlete: The lightweight, competitor-focused version, the midweight all-around version, and the pro collectors edition.

This is the Athlete, the mid-range edition, although there is nothing middle of the road about it. This gi features the perfect balance of quality, cost and aesthetics. The weight and robustness is just right to use every day and in competition at 450gsm on top. The bottoms are ripstop, which should stand up to many years of rigorous training and competing without noticeable shrinkage.


A0 size Top length 74 cm width 52 cm cuffs to cuffs 154.5 cm cuffs 15.5 cm
Pants Length 90 cm Width 50.5 cm Thigh width 25 cm Inseam 68 cm
Weight 1.6 kg

A1 size Top length 77m width 54cm cuffs to cuffs 164cm cuffs 15.5cm
Pants Length 91.5 cm Width 51.5 cm Thigh width 26 cm Inseam 69 cm
Weight 1.7 kg

A1L size Top length 78.5m width 54cm cuffs to cuffs 170cm cuffs 15.5cm
Pants Length 94.5 cm Width 51.5 cm Thigh width 26 cm Inseam 72 cm
Weight 1.7 kg

A2 size Top length 81.5.5 cm width 58 cm cuffs to cuffs 172 cm cuffs 17 cm
Pants Length 96.5m Width 54cm Thigh width 27cm Inseam 73.5cm
Weight 1.75 kg

A3 size Top length 85 cm width 60 cm cuffs to cuffs 175.5 cm cuffs 17.5 cm
Pants Length 101.5m Width 58cm Thigh width 27cm Inseam 77cm
Weight 1.9 kg

(Size guide from the manufacturer)

A0 size: Height / ~ 157.48cm Weight / ~ 50kg

A1 size: Height / ~ 167.64cm Weight / ~ 60kg

A1L size: Height / ~ 177.8cm Weight / ~ 60kg

A2 size: Height / ~ 177.8cm Weight / ~ 70kg

A2L size: Height / ~ 187.96cm Weight / ~ 70kg

A3 size: Height / ~ 182.88cm Weight / ~ 85kg

A3L size: Height / ~ 193.04cm Weight / ~ 85kg

A4 size: Height / ~ 193.04cm Weight / ~ 100kg

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