GRACIE MAGAZINE #193 [wb-207]

GRACIE MAGAZINE #193 [wb-207]

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Ever find yourself in side control and wonder which technique you can use to finish your opponent? In issue #193 of GracieMag, multiple-time world champion Robinho Moura provides a full dosier for you quickly make your opponent submit when you are perpendicular to their body. The cover story is a must-read for anyone looking to grow their Jiu-Jitsu arsenal from the side.

José Henrique Leão Teixeira, aka “Zé Beleza,” develops specialized courses for Jiu-Jitsu professors, spreading concepts ranging from managing a gym (he prefers the term “school”), through constant motivation of the students and of course the most established methods of teaching the basics of the gentle art.

Our reporter interviewed UFC star Demian Maia and took his gi with him inside a backpack. Check out the most valuable info he learned by chatting and training at Maia’s gym.

A victorious fighter like André Galvão boasts an ample and varied technical repertory. However, there are some positions that are dearest to him that even he feels thankful for. They’re his darlings – holds that were decisive in his achieving the biggest wins. GRACIEMAG investigated what these positions are and asked Galvão to teach each of them to us step by step. Check them out!

Maybe the UFC middleweight champion made bad tactical mistakes by referring to his challenger as “just a kid.” An editorial on the pending UFC 162 match-up between middleweight champ Anderson Silva and No. 1 contender Chris Weidman.

Olympic judoka since she was 17 and coached by a Rickson’s black belt, Ronda Rousey and her obvious (and indefensible) armbar open a new chapter of the Jiu-Jitsu saga in the UFC.

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