Hayabusa Tshirts Brave Black [hb-421]

Hayabusa Tshirts Brave Black [hb-421]

Our Selling Price: 4,500JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 300g

The warrior of today is not unlike the warrior of old. Today’s fighter shows reverence for tradition, honor and respect. But he also does so bravely. To be brave is that most rare of all qualities, found only in the greatest of all fighters. The brave seek the fight knowing that victory isn’t certain, yet they proceed undaunted. Let your brave spirit show with this new ultra-soft comfort-fitting t-shirt from Hayabusa. The Brave™…only from Hayabusa®! Let your bravery shine through.

S Size Length71.5cm Width45cm Straight Shoulder42cm Sleeve length18.5cm
M Size Length72.5cm Width49cm Straight Shoulder46cm Sleeve length20cm
L Size Length75.5cm Width55cm Straight Shoulder50cm Sleeve length22cm
XL Size Length78.5cm Width58cm Straight Shoulder55cm Sleeve length23cm

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