The Anecdote of Martial Arts in Russia&Sambo [vb-048]

The Anecdote of Martial Arts in Russia&Sambo [vb-048]

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Secret History of Martial Arts was fascinated state power - Russia and Sambo -

Did greed of Martial Arts "strongest" Why the Russian Empire born?

◆ Do you know the secret of the strength of the strongest fighting Russian nation?

Now here's the whole picture of the country that did not reveal Sambo everyone ...

Martial Arts was born in the Stalin era - the first part]

Soviet power in sports [second part] of all

Truth of the "Combat Sambo" [Part III] art combat combat

Is it [Part Four] Judo Sambo?

Kazuyoshi Koichi Author:

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■ Topics

Did greed of Martial Arts "strongest" Why the Russian Empire born?

By this book, I was able to overview the history of Sambo as Tsushi for the first time. It is a valuable one book.

- (Author "of the eastern sky lion" "den" Garou) Baku Yumemakura

One book from "Sanshiro of Showa"! Socialism and hidden in judo, Sambo truth.

- (Professor, University of Tokyo) Ryuichiro Matsubara

■ Table of Contents

◆ prologue

Martial Arts was born in the Stalin era - the first part]


◆ History of Sambo that were falsely

[Chapter One]

◆ founder was betrayed by motherland

Sakhalin orphans founded Judo Club / Vladivostok encounter with destiny Japan Judo / /

The world's first international judo tournament? / Russian spy, to the world of again Oshepukofu / /

Activities at the National University of Physical Education / era central hall of the Red Army / activities in Moscow Novosibirsk /

Far away from the Kodokan Judo / between combat and sport / combat for Oshepukofu /

Renamed to / freestyle wrestling judo Soviet Union as seen from the Japan impact / Wrestling / Ethnicity

Day / anxiety of Oshepukofu has been purged

[Chapter II]

◆ Judo vs Jiu whereabouts, of the art of self-defense

Self-defense, which is based on jujutsu / jujitsu in / jujitsu spread to Russia / World Relations Sambo and Jiu house /

Controversy and losers and death / Oshepukofu vs Spiridonov / self-defense as a sport

[Chapter III]

◆ disappearance of Judo, Sambo birthday

/ Father thought of annihilation Sambo Judo / encounter with Prizefighter / Paris and return "founder" /

June one thousand nine hundred thirty-eight, art of self-defense in the war / meaning of the year one thousand nine hundred thirty-eight / birth national sport / backside of the myth /

To Sambo from / freestyle wrestling dominance as the leader of the post-war /

In order to develop into an international sport

[Chapter IV]

◆ Who is the founder of the true?

/ Haruranpiefu rebound and further mythologizing / plagiarism / Haruranpiefu view all Sambo Federation of Russia

Alive / A · Haruranpiefu revealed that the meeting / Japanese veteran who asked to conclusions /

[Chapter V]

◆ Mystery / Fantasy of origin theory Commander Hirose

Japan original novel idea? / / Fantasy story that is creative in the Russo-Japanese War / show off in front of the Emperor Russian judo

Russian judo spread thanks to Hirose / truth? / "Contribution" of world war judo / information Hirose Russian /

Killed and Media

Soviet power in sports [second part] of all

One, two, two grade system that sport large system / system GTO that two major systems / national and Sports /

If the national Sambo School / disadvantages / advantages and communist systems dark eye / Soviet road to world

Secret police in / Soviet KGB and truth / Dynamo, in cooperation Shigeyoshi Matsumae / Antonio Inoki and /

Past, present and future of the hero / confusion of the sporting world and the nostalgia / perestroika communist /

State and Sambo / aim to adopt Olympics / martial arts to politics / Sanbisuto of Putin era

Truth of the "Combat Sambo" [Part III] art combat combat

Combat Sambo hidden / special forces / ethnic Sanbisuto Sambo Martial Arts / Slavonic two /

Return to combat / sneak into airborne combat sambo / listen to Kharitonov into the competition /

Is it [Part Four] Judo Sambo?

[Chapter One]

◆ The impact of Japan's first landing

4 persons / Sanbisuto Japan to fear / advanced to the international scene / revival Judo Sambo / Soviet Union is diminished, first landing /

The current state of Japan Sambo / History of Japan Sambo / Judo breakthrough formula USSR

[Chapter II]

◆ criticized the "criticism Sambo"

Less / ethnic identity that flourished during extinction judo / criticism that "a rehash of Japanese judo" / origin of the criticism Sambo

Technique ankle / commonality of skills of judo and jujitsu ring was meant? / Consolidate the Achilles heel of Jiu-Jitsu and Sambo /

Sambo Oshepukofu seen from modern / what you have not seen the "origin of trick looking" / hardening cross knee judo and sambo /

Opinion of Professor Oshepukofu / Click seen from modern judo

◆ Afterword

◆ main reference

◆ Appendix FIAS Sambo-official game rules

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