BULL TERRIER Fight Shorts JIRAIYA Black [bj-250]

BULL TERRIER Fight Shorts JIRAIYA Black [bj-250]

Our Selling Price: 7,500JPY(tax included)

Weight: 300g


Item Description

Manufacturer: Bull Terrier Fight Gear

Type: Fight shorts

Model: Jiraiya

Color: Black

Material: 95% polyester/5% spandex

Side/Inseam: Spandex/Both side slits 15cm

Product Description: Fight shorts of the bull terrier "Jiraiya" model, which is newly introduced as a popular series following [Mushin]

The theme of Jiraiya was designed by Blade Ink Satoshi, a professional Tattooist, based on the thief Raiya, a legendary toad user from ancient Japan.

There are slits on both sides, and stretchy spandex fabric is used on the sides and inseam for ease of movement.

The short length of the hem prevents it from getting caught on your knees, making it more suitable for practicing MMA, kickboxing, and Grappling.

Comes with a drawstring at the waist for adjustment. The pattern is fully dyed, so there is no need to worry about the print peeling off.


[XS/34] World size XXXS/US26 inches/EU36/Japan XS: Waist 66-72cm / Length 41cm / Hem width 31cm / Inseam 14cm

[S/36] World size XXS/US28 inches/EU36/Japan S: Waist 70-76cm / Length 42cm / Hem width 32cm / Inseam 15cm

[M/38] World size XS/US30 inches/EU38/Japan M: Waist 74-80cm / Length 43cm / Hem width 33cm / Inseam 15cm

[L/40] World size S/US32 inches/EU40/Japan L: Waist 78-84cm / Length 45cm / Hem width 35cm / Inseam 15.5cm

[XL/42] World size M/US34 inches/EU42/Japan XL: Waist 82-88cm / Length 47cm / Hem width 35cm / Inseam 16.5cm

[XXL/44] World size L/US 36 inches/EU 44/Japan 2XL: Waist 86cm to 92cm / Length 48cm / Hem width 35.5cm / Inseam 16.5cm

[XXXL/46] World size XL/US38 inches/EU46/Japan 3XL: Waist 90-96cm / Length 49cm / Hem width 36cm / Inseam 17cm

[XXXXL/48] World size 2XL/US 40 inches/EU 48/Japan 4XL: Waist 92-98cm / Length 49.5cm / Hem width 36cm / Inseam 17cm

*World size guideline

[Japan] XS [EU/BR] 34 [US/UK] 26 [WORLD] XXXS

[Japan] S [EU/BR] 36 [US/UK] 28 [WORLD] XXS

[Japan] M [EU/BR] 38 [US/UK] 30 [WORLD] XS

[Japan] L [EU/BR] 40 [US/UK] 32 [WORLD] S

[Japan] XL [EU/BR] 42 [US/UK] 34 [WORLD] M

[Japan] 2XL [EU/BR] 44 [US/UK] 36 [WORLD] L

[Japan] 3XL [EU/BR] 46 [US/UK] 38 [WORLD] XL

[Japan] 4XL [EU/BR] 48 [US/UK] 40 [WORLD] XXL

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