BLACK BULL KIDS Jiu Jitsu Gi LIGHT Black [bjk-732]

BLACK BULL KIDS Jiu Jitsu Gi LIGHT Black [bjk-732]

Our Selling Price: 13,900JPY(tax included)

Weight: 1500g


Item Description

Manufacturer: BLACKBULL

Type: Jiu-jitsu Gi top and pants set *Belt is sold separately.

Model: Light

Color: Black

Jacket: 390gsm pearl weave

Pants: 240gsm ripstop pants

Size: M00~M4

Material: 100% cotton

Processing: 100% Pre-shrunk

Product introduction: Black Bull kids Jiu-Jitsu Gi Light model, which was introduced as a separate line of Bull Terrier.

Designed by Brazilian designer Ricardo Pires, who worked on designs for Ricardo Arona and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira during the Pride era.

The jacket is made of 390gsm pearl weave fabric, which is both light and durable, and the pants are made of 240gsm ripstop fabric, which is light and durable. It is extremely light and offers maximum comfort.

The waist has a cord that will please parents and instructors, making it easy for even small children to wear.

The fabric is 100% pre-washed so there is almost no shrinkage due to washing.

Comes with a special bag made of PU material that can be used in place of a laundry bag.

Convenient for storing sweaty gi after practice.

・Compliant with IBJJF2024 rules


M00 Size Jacket Length 50.5cm, Width 36.5cm, cuff to cuff 98cm, cuff width 11cm
Pants length 62cm, width 42.5cm, thigh width 19cm, inseam 46.5cm

M0 size Jacket Length 51.5cm Width 38cm Cuff to cuff 108cm Cuff width 11cm
Pants length 66.5cm, width 43cm, thigh width 23cm, inseam 50.5cm

M1 size Jacket Length 57.5cm Width 41cm Cuff to cuff 120cm Cuff width 12cm
Pants length 71.5cm, width 44cm, thigh width 23.5cm, inseam 55cm

M2 size jacket Length 61cm Width 44.5cm Cuff to cuff 130cm Cuff width 13cm
Pants length 77cm, width 45cm, thigh width 24.5cm, inseam 59cm

M3 size jacket Length 64.5cm Width 47cm Cuff to cuff 137cm Cuff width 13cm
Pants: length 81.5cm, width 46.5cm, thigh width 24.5cm, inseam 62cm

M4 size jacket Length 66cm Width 47.5cm Cuff to cuff 141cm Cuff width 14cm
Pants length 85cm, width: 47.5cm, thigh width: 25cm, inseam: 65.5cm

Shrinkage rate: 0.5% or less for jacket and pants

Size guide

M00 size Height 90cm to 110cm Weight 12kg to 22kg

M0 size Height 100cm to 118cm Weight 15kg to 26kg

M1 size Height 110cm to 128cm Weight 20kg to 32kg

M2 size Height 120cm to 138cm Weight 24kg to 38kg

M3 size Height 130cm to 148cm Weight 30kg to 44kg

M4 size Height 140cm to 158cm Weight 36kg to 50kg

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