SCRAMBLE Rashguard BAKA Short Sleeve Blue [sb-112]

SCRAMBLE Rashguard BAKA Short Sleeve Blue [sb-112]

Our Selling Price: 7,900JPY(tax included)

Weight: 300g


Item Description

Manufacturer: Scramble

Type: Rash guard short sleeve

Model: Baka

Color: Blue

Material: 80% polyester, 20% spandex

Product Description: Rashguard from British martial arts brand Scramble

Product description from the manufacturer: The Baka Rash Guard was originally intended to be called Baku, as the Japanese word for explosion means explosion, as the Scramble logo looks like it is "exploding".

But we named it stupid. Because it's funny.

Stupid Survivor! Anyway, this is one of the best nogi sets we've ever released.


S size Length 68.5cm / Width 40.5cm / Sleeve length 34cm

M size Length 69.5cm / Width 42cm / Sleeve length 35cm

L size Length 72cm / Width 45cm / Sleeve length 36.5cm

XL size Length 74cm / Width 46cm / Sleeve length 37cm

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