UFC MMA Fitness Glove 6oz Black [ufc-507]

UFC MMA Fitness Glove 6oz Black [ufc-507]

Our Selling Price: 7,150JPY(tax included)

Weight: 500g

Manufacturer: UFC

Type: MMA Fitness Gloves

Model: 6oz

Color: Black

Material: PU leather

This comfort fit MMA fitness glove is your best training partner. Whether you are using this glove for cardio kickboxing, bag work or grappling you can rely on this glove for durability, protection and comfort. Constructed of a soft high-quality engineered leather with an open palm design, it will not hinder your range of motion while the layered foam protection at critical striking zones offers the right level of protection.

Open palm design
Comfortable hand compartment
EVA foam protection in striking area
Hook and loop closure for a secure, adjustable fit
Great for bag work and striking mitts
Perfect MMA fitness gloves

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