ADIDAS COMBAT SPORTS Mouth Piece [adb-980]

ADIDAS COMBAT SPORTS Mouth Piece [adb-980]

Our Selling Price: 858JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 200g

Manufacturer: Adidas

Type: Mouthpiece

Model: Single

Color: Clear

Material: Cotton / nylon mixed

Product Description: Adidas Combat mouthpiece, a martial arts line from the world's most popular sports brand Adidas.

Product description from the manufacturer: adidas single mouthpiece

It is a soft and easy-to-use type. It is a very popular product from mixed martial arts to taekwondo.

Type: For adults, for juniors

Material: Rubber for oral cavity-Edible rubber (mouthpiece) & plastic (case) that is harmless to the human body

Hue: White

Weight: Mouthpiece-10g / Case-20g (Mouthpiece and case weigh the same for adults)

■ How to use

1. Soak the mouthpiece in hot water at about 80 ° C for about 30 seconds.

(Never put it in boiling water or water to boil it. Please note that it will be damaged.)

2. After removing from hot water, cool the heat appropriately, remove the water and insert it deeply into the upper teeth.

3. After closing your mouth, chew the mouthpiece many times so that it spreads over your upper teeth.

4. Press the area around the upper lip several times with your hand to fix it so that it is in close contact with your teeth.

5. Once the form is decided, take it out by mouth, put it in cold water again, and then put it on.

(After use, wash with warm water and store in the case.)

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