ADIDAS COMBAT SPORTS Bandage 4.5M [adb-900]

ADIDAS COMBAT SPORTS Bandage 4.5M [adb-900]

Our Selling Price: 1,078JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 200g

Manufacturer: Adidas

Type: Bandage (1 set left and right)

Model: Super Pro

Color: Black / Yellow / Red / Blue / Pink

Material: Cotton / Nylon Mixed

Product Description: The bandage of the adidas combat line, the martial arts line of the world-famous sports brand Adidas.

Product description from the manufacturer: adidas 4.5M bandage (left and right set) Telescopic type

A soft and easy-to-use hand wrap. It is the price of the left and right set.

-Uses materials with outstanding elasticity

・ Because it is a magic tape type, practice
・ Length: Approximately 450 cm
・ Width: Approximately 5 cm

* Precautions for use (washing)

-Since it uses natural materials, it shrinks slightly after washing.

・ Do not use chlorine bleach.

・ Do not wash other clothes together (color fading).

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