ADIDAS COMBAT SPORTS 3Way Back Pack Pink/Camo 50L [adb-807]

ADIDAS COMBAT SPORTS 3Way Back Pack Pink/Camo 50L [adb-807]

Our Selling Price: 8,470JPY(tax incl.)

Retail Price: 12,100JPY

Weight: 1100g

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Manufacturer: Adidas

Type: 3Way backpack

Color: Pink

Model: Camo

Material: 100% polyester

Product Description: Adidas Combat Sports 3-way backpack, a martial arts line of the world's most popular sports brand Adidas.

Adidas 3WAY bag camouflage color

Adidas sports bag that can be used in three ways: handheld, shoulder bag, backpack

Durability and luxury are improved by using high-grade polyester material.

It features an evolved big zipper.

When using a backpack, the shoulder part can be stored.

Material: 600D polyester

Size (cm): 60 x 31 x 31

Capacity: 50 liters

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