WAR TRIBE jiu Jitsu Gi Inmortal Warrior Black [wak-097]

WAR TRIBE jiu Jitsu Gi Inmortal Warrior Black [wak-097]

Our Selling Price: 21,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

Manufacturer: WAR TRIBE

Type: Jiu Jitsu Gi (Top and Pants set *Belt sold separately)

Model: Immortal Warrior

Color: Black

Material: 100% cotton

Jacket: 450 GSM Pearl weave

Pants: 10oz rip stop cotton pants

Part of the INKED Collection, the Immortal Warrior emanates the grit of the battle-worn soldier. The Immortal Warrior is the man who has been through a thousand battles and lived to tell the tale. This piece was hand drawn by @SeanBelida with White Light Studios in Bend, Oregon. This Gi is a unique and visually compelling artistic Gi.

Product Description
Sublimated Mesh Lining making it breathable and light weight
Simple embroidery allows you to add your own patches from your gym or academy
450 GSM Pearl weave using premium cotton fabric
10oz Cotton Ripstop pants, double reinforced stitching
Direct embroidery on shoulder and pant leg
Well built & extremely durable


A0 size Top Length 70.5cm / Width 52cm / Cuff to cuff 147cm / Sleeve width 13cm
Pants length 89cm / width of the body 49.5cm / thigh width 25cm / inseam 69cm
approximately 1.45kg

A1 size Top Length 74cm / Width 54cm / Cuff to cuff 155.5cm / Sleeve width 15.5cm
Pants Length 92cm / Width 52cm / Thigh 27cm / Inseam 72cm
Approximately 1.55kg

A2 size Top Length 77.5cm / Width 59cm / Cuff to cuff 166cm / Sleeve width 15.5cm
Pants length 99.5cm / width 55.5cm / thigh width 28.5cm / inseam 76cm
Approximately 1.7kg

Estimated size from the manufacturer

A0 size Height 162.56cm Weight 54.43kg
A1 size Height 162.56cm-172.72cm Weight 54.43kg-70.31kg
A1H size Height 162.56cm-172.72cm Weight 70.31kg-86.18kg
A1T size Height 175.26cm-182.88cm Weight 54.43kg-70.31kg
A2 size Height 175.26cm-182.88cm Weight 70.31kg-86.18kg
A2H size Height 175.26cm-182.88cm Weight 86.18kg-99.79kg
A2T size Height 185.42cm-190.5cm Weight 70.31kg-86.18kg
A3 size Height 185.42cm-190.5cm Weight 86.18kg-99.79kg
A3H size Height 185.42cm-190.5cm Weight 99.79kg-115.67kg
A3T size Height 190.5cm-193.04cm Weight 86.18kg-99.79kg
A4 size Height 190.5cm-193.04cm Weight 99.79kg-115.67kg

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