MOYA BRAND Jiu Jitsu Gi VS19 White [myk-075]

MOYA BRAND Jiu Jitsu Gi VS19 White [myk-075]

Our Selling Price: 18,900JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

Manufacturer: MOYA BRAND

Type: Jiu Jitsu Gi (Top and Pants set and Belt sold separately)

Model: VS19

Color: White

Material: 100% cotton

Jacket: Pearl Weave jacket

Pants: Cotton Twill Pants

Product features described by the manufacturer
-EVA foam padded collar
・ Triple stitching applied to important seams
・ With exclusive bag
・ IBJJF approval


A0 size Top Length 73.5cm Width 53.5cm Cuff to Cuff 162cm Sleeve width 15cm
Pants length 91 cm width 50 cm thigh width 27 cm inseam 68 cm
Approximate 1.5kg

A1F size Top Length 77cm Width 55cm Cuff to cuff 167cm Sleeve width 15.5cm
Pants Length 91cm Width 50cm Thigh width 27cm Inseam 66.5cm
Approximate 1.5kg

A1 size Top Length 77.5cm Width 57.5cm Cuff to cuff 168cm Sleeve width 17cm
Pants Length 95cm Width 53cm Thigh width 28.5cm Inseam 71cm
Approximate 1.6kg

A1L size Top Length 80cm Width 57.5cm Cuff to Cuff 168.5cm Sleeve width 17cm
Pants length 98 cm width 53 cm thigh width 28 cm inseam 73 cm
Approximate 1.5kg

A2 size Top Length 82cm Width 60cm Cuff to cuff 173cm Sleeve width 17.5cm
Pants Length 97.5cm Width 55cm Thigh width 29.5cm Inseam 73cm
Approximate 1.7kg

A3 size Top Length 86cm Width 64.5cm Cuff to cuff 177.5cm Sleeve width 19cm
Pants Length 106cm Width 60cm Thigh width 31.5cm Inseam 80cm
Approximate 1.85kg

* Please note that there may be an error of 2 to 3 mm in the dimensions shown due to individual differences depending on the fabric expansion / contraction, material, and lot.

☆ Estimated size from the manufacturer

Ft foot (cm) pound (kg)

A0 size 5'1-5'4 (155cm-162cm) 115-140 (52.2kg-63.5kg)
A0L size 5'4-5'7 (162cm-170cm) 115-145 (52.2kg-65.8kg)
A1F size 5'4-5'7 (162cm-170cm) 125-145 (56.7kg-65.8kg)
A1 size 5'4-5'8 (162cm-172cm) 140-165 (63.5kg-74.8kg)
A1L size 5'7-5'11 (170cm-180cm) 135-165 (61.2kg-74.8kg)
A2F size 5'8-5'11 (170cm-180cm) 145-165 (65.8kg-74.8kg)
A2 size 5'8-6'0 (172cm-182cm) 165-200 (74.5kg-90.7kg)
A3 size 6'0-6'3 (182cm-190cm) 200-230 (90.7kg-104.3kg)
A4 size 6'2-6'5 (188cm-195cm) 230-250 (104.3kg-113.4kg)

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