MOYA BRAND Jiu-Jitsu Gi ARMIS Roman Blue [myk-069]

MOYA BRAND Jiu-Jitsu Gi ARMIS Roman Blue [myk-069]

Our Selling Price: 20,900JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

Armis | Limited Release |Roman Blue - featuring multi layer direct embroidery, with woven label insets, part of our ethos of providing premium quality gear.

Manufacturer: MOYA BRAND

Type: Jiu Jitsu Gi ( Top and Pants set *Belt sold separately)

Model: ARMIS

Color: Roman Blue

Material: 100% cotton

Jacket: 450 Gram Pearl Weave

Pants: Cotton Pants

With Gi Bag

Care Instructions:

All MOYA Brand Kimono are 100% Cotton - Gentle Wash and Hang Dry for maximum longevity.


A0 size Top Length 72cm Width 52cm Cuff to cuff 157.5cm Sleeve width 15.5cm
Pants length 91cm width 49cm thigh width 30.5cm inseam 66cm
Approximate weight 1.5kg

A1F size Top Length 71.5cm Width 53cm Cuff to cuff 161cm Sleeve width 16cm
Pants Length 90.5cm Width 47cm Thigh width 30cm Inseam 64m
Approximate weight 1.5kg

A1 size Top Length 77.5cm Width 57.5cm Cuff to cuff 161cm Sleeve width 17cm
Pants Length 95cm Width 51cm Thigh Width 32.5cm Inseam 68m
Approximate weight 1.7kg

A1L size Top Length 79.5cm Width 57cm Cuff to cuff 169cm Sleeve width 17.5cm
Pants length 96cm width 51cm thigh width 32.5cm inseam 68m
Approximate weight 1.75kg

A2F size Top Length 77cm Width 56.5cm Cuff to cuff 169cm Sleeve width 17.5cm
Pants length 94 cm width 50 cm thigh width 31 cm inseam 70 m
Approximate weight 1.75kg

A2 size Top Length 81cm Width 58.5cm Cuff to cuff 175cm Sleeve width 17.5cm
Pants Length 96.5cm Width 54cm Thigh width 33.5cm Inseam 69m
Approximate weight 1.75kg

A3 size Top Length 83.5cm Width 60.5cm Cuff to cuff 180cm Sleeve width 19cm
Pants Length 103.5cm Width 58cm Thigh width 34.5cm Inseam 74m
Approximate weight 1.9kg

☆ Estimated size from the manufacturer

Feet (cm) Pound (kg)

A0 size 5 '1-5' 4 (155cm-162cm) 115-140 (52.2kg-63.5kg)
A0L size 5 '4-5' 7 (162cm-170cm) 115-145 (52.2kg-65.8kg)
A1F size 5 '4-5' 7 (162cm-170cm) 125-145 (56.7kg-65.8kg)
A1 size 5 '4-5' 8 (162cm-172cm) 140-165 (63.5kg-74.8kg)
A1L size 5 '7-5'11 (170cm-180cm) 135-165 (61.2kg-74.8kg)
A2F size 5 '7-5'11 (170cm-180cm) 145-165 (65.7kg-74.8kg)
A2 size 5 '8-6' 0 (172cm-182cm) 165-200 (74.5kg-90.7kg)
A3 size 6 '0-6' 3 (182cm-190cm) 200-230 (90.7kg-104.3kg)
A4 size 6 '2-6' 5 (188cm-195cm) 230-250 (104.3kg-113.4kg)

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