MOYA BRAND Jiu-Jitsu Gi ALL STAR White [myk-068]

MOYA BRAND Jiu-Jitsu Gi ALL STAR White [myk-068]

Our Selling Price: 20,900JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

Manufacturer: MOYA BRAND

Type: Jiu Jitsu Gi (Top and Pants set / Belt sold separately)


Color: White

Material: 100% cotton

Jacket: Pearl Weave Jacket

Pants: Cotton Twill Pants with Spiral Draw cord

Product features described by the manufacturer

With Gi bag
IBJJF approval

The MOYA BRAND roadwear is 100% cotton, so please wash it in the shade with a delicate wash as much as possible in order to use the product for a long time.


A1 size Top Length 78.5cm Width 58.5cm Cuff to cuff 162.5cm Sleeve width 17cm
Pants Length 95.5cm Width 54cm Thigh width 27.5cm Inseam 70cm
Approximate weight 1.6kg

A2 size Top Length 82.5cm Width 63cm Cuff to cuff 171.5cm Sleeve width 17.5cm
Pants length 96 cm width 55 cm thigh width 29 cm inseam 71 m
Approximate weight 1.7kg

☆ Estimated size from the manufacturer

Ft foot (cm) pound (kg)

A0 size 5 '1-5' 4 (155cm-162cm) 115-140 (52.2kg-63.5kg)
A0L size 5 '4-5' 7 (162cm-170cm) 115-145 (52.2kg-65.8kg)
A1F size 5 '4-5' 7 (162cm-170cm) 125-145 (56.7kg-65.8kg)
A1 size 5 '4-5' 8 (162cm-172cm) 140-165 (63.5kg-74.8kg)
A1L size 5 '7-5'11 (170cm-180cm) 135-165 (61.2kg-74.8kg)
A2F size 5 '8-5' 11 (170cm-180cm) 145-165 (65.8kg-74.8kg)
A2 size 5 '8-6' 0 (172cm-182cm) 165-200 (74.5kg-90.7kg)
A3 size 6 '0-6' 3 (182cm-190cm) 200-230 (90.7kg-104.3kg)
A4 size 6 '2-6' 5 (188cm-195cm) 230-250 (104.3kg-113.4kg)

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