DVD EL ARTE SUAVE Modern Jiu Jitsu by Francisco Sinistro Iturralde [vx-649]

DVD EL ARTE SUAVE Modern Jiu Jitsu by Francisco Sinistro Iturralde [vx-649]

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Weight: 200g

Title: El Arte Suave: Modern Jiu Jitsu by Francisco Sinistro Ituralde

DISC: 1 set

Duration: 47 minutes

DVD Region: Region Free

Francisco Itturalde, better known as "Sinistro" in the BJJ world is one of the most well known competitors from South America. Having started at the early age of 13, Sinistro was introduced to the art by his uncle and brothers who are also active black belt competitors.

With various titles including world champion (3x), Pan American champion (3x), Abu Dhabi world pro cup champion, and many more, Sinistro has both the skills and the teaching ability to help you in your jiujitsu!

In this instructional set, Sinistro shares techniques that aren't often taught in a basic class but are essential in todays modern jiujitsu. These teachings focus on open guard and back attacks.

Chapter list:

1 Intro


2 Making grips
3 DLR RDLR mantra
4 DLR Lasso spider mantra
5 Sit up guard sweeps
6 Half bolo from DLR
7 RDLR to shin to shin sweep
8 RDLR roll over inverted sweep
9 Open guard armbar


10 Bow & arrow
11 The switch grip
12 Arm isolation easy choke
13 Bow & arrow armbar
14 Kimura trap to armbar
15 Ezekiel from the back
16 Outro

Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese


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