MOYA BRAND KIDS Jiu Jitsu Gi STANDARD ISSUE III White/Black [myk-215]

MOYA BRAND KIDS Jiu Jitsu Gi STANDARD ISSUE III White/Black [myk-215]

Our Selling Price: 10,900JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 1300g

Manufacturer: MOYA BRAND

Type: KIDS Jiu Jitsu Gi (Top and Pants sets, Belt sold separately)

Model: Standard Issue III

Color: white / black

Material: 100% cotton

Jacket: Lightweight Pearl Weave jacket

Pants: 8oz twill cotton pants


K0 Size Top Length 56 cm Width 45 cm Cuff from the cuff 119 cm Sleeve width 12 cm
Pants Length 73 cm Width 41 cm Thigh 22 cm Inseam 55 cm

K1 Size Top Length 59cm Width 45.5cm Cuff to Cuff 121.5cm Sleeve Width 12.5cm
Pants Length 74 cm Width 41 cm Thigh 20 cm Inseam 55 cm

K2 Size Top Length 62 cm Width 48.5 cm Cuffs to Cuff 135.5 cm Sleeve Width 12.5 cm
Pants Length 76 cm Width 41.5 cm Thigh 21 cm Inseam 56 cm

K3 Size Top Length 65.5cm Width 52cm Cuff from Cuff 146cm Sleeve Width 13cm
Pants Length 80.5cm Width 43.5cm Thigh Width 22cm Inseam 60cm

K4 size Top Length 69 cm Width 54 cm Cuff from the sleeve 149 cm sleeve width 14.5 cm
Pants Length 85cm Width 46.5cm Thigh Width 23cm Inseam 65cm

※ With regard to measurements, expansion and contraction of the fabric and material, due to individual differences due to lots, please note in advance that errors may occur about the dimensions and 2 ~ 3 cm.

☆ Estimated size from the manufacturer

Foot (cm) Pound (kg)

K0 size 3 '7-3' 11 (109 cm-120 cm) 40-60 (18 kg-27 kg)
K1 size 3 '11-4' 3 (119 cm-129 cm) 50-70 (22.6 kg-31.7 kg)
K2 size 4 '4-4' 6 (132 cm-137 cm) 70-90 (31.7 kg-40.8 kg)
K3 size 4 '7-4' 9 (139 cm-144 cm) 90-105 (40.8 kg-47.6 kg)
K4 size 4 '10-5' 2 (147 cm-157 cm) 105-115 (47.6 kg-52.1 kg)

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