WANT VS NEED Jiu Jitsu Gi BASIC White [wvnk-006]

WANT VS NEED Jiu Jitsu Gi BASIC White [wvnk-006]

Our Selling Price: 16,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

Manufacturer: WANT VS NEED

Type: Jiu Jitsu gi (Top and pants set, Belt sold separately)

Model: BASIC

Color: white

Material: (jacket) lightweight 350gsm

(Pants) 10 oz cotton

Description of item:

It is a Jiu-jitsu uniform of the American west coast Jiu-jitsu brand "WANT VS NEED".
We have developed Jiu-jitsu that can be used by beginners.
There is a sense of durability and fit.


A1F size Top Length 72cm / Width 53.5cm / Cuff from cuff 162cm / Sleeve width 15.5cm
Pants length 94.5cm / width 50cm / thigh width 26cm / inseam 75cm
Approximately 1.25 kg in weight

A1 size Top Length 72.5cm / Width 56cm / cuff from cuff 163cm / sleeve width 15.5cm
Pants length 97 cm / width 50 cm / thigh width 26 cm / inseam 76 cm
Approximately 1.35 kg in weight

A2F Size Top Length 76cm / Width 58.5cm / Cuff from cuff 173.5cm / Sleeve width 15.5cm
Pants length 99.5cm / width 50cm / thigh width 26.5cm / inseam 77.5cm
Approximately 1.4 kg in weight

A2 size Top Length 78.5cm / Width 58.5cm / Cuff from cuff 177cm / Sleeve width 16cm
Pants length 102 cm / width 53 cm / thigh width 27 cm / inseam 79 cm
Approximately 1.55 kg in weight

Estimated size from the manufacturer

A0 size Height 152.4cm-162.56cm Weight 49.9kg-63.5kg
A1F size Height 162.56cm-170.2cm Weight 54.43kg-63.5kg
A1 size Height 162.56cm-172.72cm Weight 63.5kg-74.84kg
A1L size Height 167.64cm-180.34cm Weight 61.23kg-74.84kg
A2S size Height 160.0cm-170.2cm Weight 74.84kg-83.91kg
A2F size Height 170.2cm-177.8cm Weight 63.5kg-72.57kg
A2 size Height 172.72cm-182.88cm Weight 74.84kg-88.45kg
A3 size Height 180.34cm-190.5cm Weight 88.45kg-104.32kg

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