DVD HOW TO BEAT BIGGER GUYS:GUARD by Bruno Malfacine [vx-646]

DVD HOW TO BEAT BIGGER GUYS:GUARD by Bruno Malfacine [vx-646]

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Title: DVD How To Beat Bigger Guys by Bruno Malfacine

DVD : 4 Disc


Region: All Region

Language: English

Bruno Malfacine Is The Greatest BJJ Competitor Ever To Step On The Mat & For The First Time Ever - The Only 10x Weight Class Black Belt World Champion In History - Wants To Show You How He Wrecks The Big Guys

Learn The Secrets That Have Allowed This 127-LB Champion To Destroy & Dominate 200+ LB Monsters At-Will
See How One Of The Greatest Black Belts Of All Time Sweeps And Submits Everyone, Even Guys Double His Size
Bruno draws back the curtain and lets you in on all of his secrets
These are moves that will work for you, no matter who you are facing. Look no further than Bruno’s competitive career
Change your game

Part 1:
No grip butterfly sweep
Back Roll sweep from butterfly
Knee push sweep butterfly guard
Standard butterfly sweep
Overhook grip butterfly sweep
Butterfly sweep with cartwheel pass into side control
Back toll counter to body lock
Inverted arm lock from butterfly
Inverted arm lock variation #2
Arm drag from butterfly

Part 2:
Front roll from arm drag
Arm drag rolling back take
Push pull
Pant grab single leg from collar drag
Single leg pant grab variation
Cross collar drag to mount
Cross collar drag to rolling arm bar
Cross collar drag sweep to leg drag
Collar drag to leg drag to nearside arm bar
Coming into a single leg collar drag

Part 3 - X-Guard:
Butterfly - X guard - Single sweep
X guard - leg drag (3 variations)
Inside leg trip from x guard
Shin to shin - x guard sweep
X guard - back take
X guard - jumping back take
X guard - leg drag against standing opponent

Part 4 - De La Riva:
Balloon sweep variation
Balloon sweep variation #2
De La Riva - arm bar
De La Riva - modified x guard sweep
De La Riva - modified single leg x with double pant control
De La Riva - modified single leg x with double pant grip #2
De La Riva - modified single leg x tripod sweep
(Bonus) Modified single leg X and X entries against combat base
(Bonus) Modified single x and x entries against standing opponent

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