DVD 50 SHADES of ARMBARS by Renato Canuto [vx-644]

DVD 50 SHADES of ARMBARS by Renato Canuto [vx-644]

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Title: DVD 50 Shades Of Arm Bar by Renato Canuto

DVD: 4 Disc


Region: All Region

Language: English

Learn 50 Ways To Master The Armbar With Submission Machine Renato Canuto Always Be Fighting To The Finish, And Learn How To Armbar From Any Position IBJJF & Kasai World Champion Renato Canuto Can Set The Armbar Up From Any Position – You’ll Learn Ways To Find It That You Never Knew Were Right In Front Of You.

Part 1
Rolling belly down armber
Sit up sweep armber
Sit up sweep to armber to break the lock
De la riva lasso armber
Armber switch
Knee bar to armbar
Flying arm bar from opponents single leg
Flying arm bar from opponents sitting guard(Butt scooter killer)
Guard pull to armbar plus sweep variation
Shoulder frame counter to armbar

Part 2
Hip frame counter to armbar
Armbar counter from sleeve control
Armbar switch
Arm drag to armbar
Arm drag to armbar variation
Arm drag sit up sweep armbar
Forearm slicer armbar variation
Shoulder trap armbar from armbar difense
Armbar from opponents turtle

Part 3
Flying armbar
Flying armbar cross collar variation
Flying armbar nogi variation
50/50 to armbar
Armbar from spider lasso
De la riva to armbar
Half guard to armbar
Back control to armbar
Reverse de la riva lasso armbar
Omoplata to armbar
Close guard double armbar
Kimura trap to armbar

Part 4
Single X pass to armbar
Inverted guard pass to armbar
Armbar from collar and sleeve with gable grip
Kimura trap armbar from northsouth
Armbar from knee and belly
Wrist lock armbar from back
Lasso to omoplata to armbar
Armbar from double unders
Armbar from single leg variation
Armbar from side control
Armbar set up from spider guard
Armbar from turtle position
Armbar from takedown

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