Scramble Fight Short INDIGO CAMO Black/Blue [sb-218]

Scramble Fight Short INDIGO CAMO Black/Blue [sb-218]

Our Selling Price: 7,000JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 500g

These shorts are probably the best shorts you could ever possibly buy if the shorts you are looking for in particular are indigo camo pattern shorts by Scramble. Featuring 4-way stretch material (although technically you could stretch the material in pretty much any direction you want) these shorts are built with mobility in mind. They are lightweight, with an athletic fit that caresses your muscular thighs with its whisper soft tender touch. I guess.

The velcro is fully enclosed, meaning that it will not scratch the lower part of your rashguard, which we know can be really annoying.

Wear responsibly – we cannot be held responsible for the vast amounts of romantic interest and competition medals that will come flying towards you the second you put these on.

Did we mention these shorts are perfect for jiu jitsu, grappling and even MMA.

Manufacturer: Scramble

Type: Fight Shorts

Model: Indigo Camo

Color: Black / Blue

Material: 100% polyester


S size waist 60 to 80 cm / dress length 43.5 cm / inseam 31 cm / hem width 22 cm

M size waist 70 to 90 cm / dress length 45 cm / inseam 31 cm / hem width 22 cm

L size waist 80 to 100 cm / dress length 45.5 cm / inseam 32 cm / hem width 22.5 cm

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