DVD SUPER DRAGS By Paul Schreiner 2 Disc [vx-642]

DVD SUPER DRAGS By Paul Schreiner 2 Disc [vx-642]

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Weight: 200g

roduct Name: DVD Paul Schreiner: Super Drags 2 Disc Set

Type: DVD

Manufacturer: Digitsu

Language: English

Duration: 155 minutes

Format: DVD NTSC

Region: All Region

Do you want to know the easiest way to the back? Use the Arm Drag! Paul Schreiner, the Jiu Jitsu Scientist returns to show you the easiest way to secure back position. His methods and detailed explanations on redirecting your opponent is so easy and simple, even your grandmother can do it (LOL!). In this series, Professor Schreiner really hones in on the finer details of this super aggressive technique. If you like taking the back, but the fancy modern guards are difficult for your body, then this is the perfect instructional is for you!


Seated Guard | Basic Arm Drag
Arm Drag | Breaking Balance
Arm Drag | Back Control
Rear Naked Choke
Total Back Control
Arm Drag | Double Leg
Double Drag
Double Drag | Counter Resistance
Double Drag | Omoplata
Double Drag | Straight Arm Lock
Double Drag | Arm Roll Back Take
Double Drag | One Leg X
Collar Tie Drag
2-on-1 | Double Under Back Take
2-on-1 | Double Under Hook Body Lock
2-on-1 | Mount To Back
Countering Back Recovery
Failed Drag To Darce
Countering The Arm Drag | Hop Over
Countering The Arm Drag | Re-Drag
Collar Drag
Collar Drag | Grip Fighting
Collar Drag | One Leg X
Collar Drag | Loop Choke Guillotine Hook Sweep Combo
Collar Drag | Margarida Sweep
Super Drag | Standing
Super Drag | Seated
Super Drag | Arm Bind Crucifix
Same Side Drag
Same Side Drag | Triangle
Enterrada | Belt Grip
Enterrada | Crucifix
Crucifix | Control Concepts
Crucifix | Choke Concepts
Crucifix | Armlock Concepts
Crucifix | Reverse Omoplata
Crucifix | Shoulder Control For Chokes
Crucifix | Kimura
Drills Pt 1
Drills Pt 2

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