DVD JIU JITSU UPGRADE With Tom Cronin [vx-640]

DVD JIU JITSU UPGRADE With Tom Cronin [vx-640]

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Weight: 200g

Product Name: DVD Jiu-Jitsu Upgrade Tom Cronin

DISC: 1 Disc set

Recording time: 65 minutes

DVD Region All Region All

Language: English / Japanese

"Tom is a great competitor and leader of the Carlson Gracie team in Southern California." - Carlson Gracie Jr

Tom Cronin opened up his school - Carlson Gracie Temecula - in 2008 and has helped develop a team with a solid foundation of basics coupled with all of the "modern" jiujitsu guards, passing styles, and submissions.

In this instructional DVD, Tom teaches over an hours worth of incredible details that will instantly upgrade your jiujitsu. You will learn new moves such as the americana from the back. You will learn advanced versions of moves you may already know, such as the omoplata, the baratoplata and spiral armbar. Whether you're a white belt, a black belt, or anywhere in between, Tom can help upgrade your moves.


1 Intro
2 Mount Fundamentals & Drills
3 Baratoplata from mount
4 Armbar with lapel from mount
5 Armbar defense breaks
6 Rodeo choke
7 Smart grips
8 Americana from the back (with hooks)
9 Omoplata dos and donts
10 Spiral armbar variations
11 Flipping the turtle from baratoplata
12 Triangle defense counter
13 Passing lasso
14 Bow & arrow escape
15 Turtle baratoplata
16 Double under pass kimura counter
17 Hip bump to triangle
18 Outro


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