RINGHORNS Shin Guard NITRO Black [rh-860]

RINGHORNS Shin Guard NITRO Black [rh-860]

Our Selling Price: 6,400JPY(tax included)

Weight: 800g

Ringhorns Nitro Shinguards: Make them fly with a powerful hurricane kick!

Designed to practice on a regular basis, the Ringhorns Nitro shinguards are the best choice for the passionates who want to get into the ring several times a week.

Flexible and durable, these shinguards ensure a proper protection of your bones and joints. You won't hesitate anymore: kick hard!

Manufacturer: RINGHORNS

Type: Shin guard (left and right set)

Model: Charger

Color: Black

Material: PU leather

Product Description: VENUM second brand, "RINGHORNS".

High density injected foam, ultra absorbent.
Very flexible and resistant.
Reinforcement on the shin and instep.
High quality Velcro.
No metal loop (regulation of competition).
Great quality for an unrivaled price.
composition : PU


M size length of the shin pad part 36.5 cm / length of the instep of the foot 15 cm

L size length of the shin pad part 38.5 cm / length of the unstep of the foot 16 cm

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