WAR TRIBE Lady`s Jiu Jitsu Gi FINESSE White [wak-107]

WAR TRIBE Lady`s Jiu Jitsu Gi FINESSE White [wak-107]

Our Selling Price: 20,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 2000g

Manufacturer: WAR TRIBE

Type: Women's Jiu-jitsu gi (Top and Pants set · belt sold separately)

Model: Finesse

Color: White

Material: 100% cotton

Jacket: 400 GSM Honey Comb Weave

Pants: 10 oz Ripstop pants

War Tribe Gi’s are carefully designed and meticulously put together. We go the extra mile and think through every detail including the weave, weight, durability, feel, competition standards, and style. We are committed to 100% quality with every Gi. This women’s Gi is good for everyday training and is very comfortable!


W0 size Top Length 66cm / Width 47.5cm / Cuff to cuff 138.5cm / Sleeve width 13.5cm
Pants length 84.5cm / width 48cm / thigh width 24cm / inseam 65.5cm
Approximately 1.2kg

W1 size Top Length 70.5cm / Width 52cm / Cuff to cuff 150cm / Sleeve width 15.5cm
Pants length 91 cm / width 52 cm / thigh width 28 cm / inseam 67 cm
Approximately 1.5kg

W2 size Top Length 75cm / Width 56.5cm / Cuff to cuff 164cm / Sleeve width 15.5cm
Pants length 90cm / width 52.5cm / thigh width 28cm / inseam 71cm
Approximately 1.6kg

W3 size Top Length 80cm / Width 61.5cm / Cuff to cuff 174.5cm / Sleeve width 15.5cm
Pants length 98.5cm / width 55.5cm / thigh width 28cm / inseam 79.5cm
Approximately 1.7kg

(Estimated size from the manufacturer)

W0 147.32cm-154.94cm / 38.56kg-52.16kg
W1 157.48cm-165.1cm / 52.16kg-63.5kg
W2 167.64cm-172.72cm / 61.23kg-72.57kg
W3 175.26cm-180.34cm / 77.11kg-90.72kg
W4 180.34cm-185.42cm / 90.72kg-102.06kg

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