DVD HIGH PRECISION HALF GUARD Vol.2 by Jake Mackenzie 4 Disc Set [vx-632]

DVD HIGH PRECISION HALF GUARD Vol.2 by Jake Mackenzie 4 Disc Set [vx-632]

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Learn The Top Secret Half Guard System From The Canadian Who Infiltrated Brazil’s Toughest School

Jake may be the most knowledgeable half guard specialist in Brazil
Learn all of Jakes attacks and never have your half guard passed again
When Jake talks about half guard, guys like Rodolfo, Julio Cesar and others always listen
Transform your guard with this easy to use system
Elevate your game

Product Name: DVD High Precision Half Guard Vol. 2 by Jake Mackenzie

DVD: 4 Disc set


Region: All Region

Language: English

Content of collection:

Half guard Basic Positioning
Countering the underhook
Countering the Cross Face & Entering Deep Half
Controlling the back of the knee
Palmier Lock
Entry into knee twist Half guard
Low underhook Single leg
Limp arm variation with back take
Lucas leite sweep
Back take off sweep attempt
Arm drag to back take
Double foot grab
Double foot grab to back take

Butt drag to knee twist and back take
Butt drag to double leg
Butt drag to x up back take
Butt scoot to arm triangle
Over-under short drag
Short drag to elbow shoulder wrist lock
Mitchell sweep

Knee cut defense basics
Knee cut back take
Jedi mind trick
Jedi mind trick to truck set up
Elbow lock roll
Crazy foot

Knee twist peek out
Peek out reptilian
De la riva X up
Scissor sweep

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