DVD Iron Maiden Back Control Matt Darcy [vx-630]

DVD Iron Maiden Back Control Matt Darcy [vx-630]

Our Selling Price: 7,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 200g

Product Name: DVD Iron Maiden Back Control Matt Darcy

Type: DVD

Manufacturer: Digitsu


Format: DVD NTSC

Region: All Region


Underhook Side - Harness Control
Iron Maiden Control - One Arm RNC
Iron Maiden Control - Bow & Arrow Choke
Iron Maiden Control - Cross Bow Finish
Flash Of The Blade - Kimura Grip Armlock
Flash Of The Blade - Armlock Defense Counter
Overhook Side - Harness Control
Triple Threat Choke Sequence
D.O.D Control
D.O.D Control - One Hand RNC
D.O.D Iron Maiden Transition
D.O.D Control - Reverse Guillotine
The Necromancer Rolling Bow & Arrow
Troubleshooting - Hand Fighting
Troubleshooting - Hidden Elbow
Troubleshooting - Hand Fighting 2
The Pickpocket Hammerlock
Reverse Triangle
Troubleshooting - Vs. Strong Wrestler
Troubleshooting - Vs. Strong Wrestler 2
Troubleshooting - Hidden Collar Control
Hidden Collar to Iron Maiden Control
Troubleshooting - Vs. Strong Wrestler 3
Troubleshooting - The Power Half
Troubleshooting - Vs. Strong Bridge
Troubleshooting - D.O.D Vs. Strong Bridge
The Crucifix
The Crucifix - Armlock
The Crucifix - Bicep Crush
The Crucifix - One Arm RNC
The Crucifix - Kimura
The Crucifix - Reverse Omoplata
Back Control Drill
Flow Sequence #1 - Side Control - Kimura - Knee Pillow - Iron Maiden - Flash Of The Blade - Armlock
Flow Sequence #2 - Side Control - Mount - Knee Pillow - Iron Maiden
Flow Sequence #3 - Leg Drag - Knee Pillow - Iron Maiden
Just The Drills - Pt 1
Just The Drills - Pt 2

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