Our Selling Price: 324JPY(tax incl.)

Prices vary according to options.

Weight: 1000g

■ Manufacturer

■ Place of origin

■ Price
330 ml 324 yen
1000 ml 896 yen

■ Raw material name
Acai, syrup, stabilizer, (tapioca CMC) PH regulator, cochineal, guarana, oxidative antiseptic (vitamin C)

■ How to Save
Please save at high temperature, avoid direct sunlight.

※ After opening please store in the refrigerator, please drink as soon as possible.

■ Description from the manufacturer:

· Lady to drink
· Organic Acai Berry used
· Three times Acai is used compared with Asai smoothie from other companies!
· Saveable period 12 months

Acai Berry purchased directly from the deep inside of the Amazon rainforest.

It is a super fruit which heals not only health of the body but also both mind and body.

Health benefits and indications of miraculous fruit · acai
· Rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc and copper.
· Antioxidant effect and beautiful skin effect due to unsaturated fatty acid can be expected!
· Vitamins are abundantly included. (A, B1, B2, B3, C, E)
· Reduce cholesterol and promote blood circulation! It contains a lot of anthocyanins.
· Very powerful natural antioxidant!
- Omega fatty acid is a lot, Ideal for diet!

Health benefits and indications of miraculous fruit · acai.

▼ What are its ingredients to incorporate athletes?

Acai, who grew up in the harsh environment of Amazon, has been familiar to indigenous peoples of Brazil for thousands of years as a very vitality food ingredient.

Because of its high nutritional value, it is called "Amazon's milk" "Miracle fruit" and contains abundant iron, amino acids, calcium, dietary fiber, polyphenols and so on.

Acai was widely recognized as famous athletes drank for anemia prevention and fatigue recovery.

▼ Is it good for dieting? That's why ...

During a diet, it tends to be nutritionally inevitable from a biased diet.
If you do not take the necessary nutrients for your body, the amount of basal metabolism will drop and it will become a body that will not be thin.

Acai contains balanced vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, C, E), minerals and dietary fiber, so it helps nutritional deficiency during dieting.

Moreover, since it contains high quality amino acids that raise basal metabolism, we recommend you take it moderately.

▼ beautiful skin · anti-aging effect can also be expected!

Acai can expect strong antioxidant action and beautiful skin effect due to unsaturated fatty acid.

Various beauty effects such as prevention of rough skin, prevention of aging of the skin, resistance to stress can be obtained.

It also has the effect of making the blood smooth, so it helps prevent lifestyle diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

▼ Bad cholesterol is afraid either!

The abundant dietary fiber contained in Acai helps discharge of feces and also releases bad cholesterol, so the intestinal environment is improved.

In addition, unsaturated fatty acid has a function of lowering bad cholesterol value, so synergistic effect can be expected.

When the intestinal environment is set up, the good bacteria works better, not only to relieve constipation but also to increase immunity and diet effect.

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