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New Zip Parka: 8800JPY

Champion series

Cast series

Hayabusa Tokushu 16oz Plus Glove 13900JPY

Hayabusa Headgear Tokusyu White/Grey 13900JPY

Supplements Brand 【Bony Acai】 - which rising in popularity by supporting a number of top fighters in the UFC - missed items back to store!

Re-stock products

Bony Acai Tshirts Brazil White

Bony Acai Cap Fighter

Bony Acai Mesh Cap


And new product -
【Bony Acai Sports Bottle 】
Sports Bottle

BJJ & MMA Brand from Hong Kong - 【Grips】 New design Jiu Jitsu Gis/ Rashguard/ Bag and the popular Jiu Jitsu Gis/Bag are back to store!

Re-stock items:
【Grips Jiu Jitsu Gis SECRET WEAPON2.0】 - Fast sold popular Gis is re-stock!

※Only White and Blue are re-stock.

Bag 1
【Grips Gym Bag Black】

New Products:

【Grips Jiu Jitsu Gis PRIMERO2.0 White】

Armadura Black SS (1 sur 2)Armadura Black SS (2 sur 2)
【Grips Rashguard ARMADURA2.0 Short sleeve Black】

Wasp Black (2 sur 3)Wasp Black (3 sur 3)
【Grips Rashguard HONEY COMB Short sleeve Black】

Wasp Blue (2 sur 3)Wasp Blue (3 sur 3)
【Grips Rashguard HONEY COMB Short sleeve Blue】

Power Flower (2 sur 3)Power Flower (3 sur 3)
【Grips Ladies Rashguard POWER FLOWER Long Sleeve White】

Chill out (1 sur 5)Chill out (4 sur 5)
【Grips Truck Jacket  CHILLOUT Black】

BACK SACK (1 sur 6)BACK SACK (6 sur 6)BACK SACK (5 sur 6)
【Grips Duffle BackPack Black】


Learn the techniques that made Lucas Lepri a multiple time no-gi world champion and one of the most feared competitors in the light weight division.


Lucas Lepri No-Gi Master Series DVD Set

Format: DVD NTSC
Languages: English
Length: Approx 190 Minutes
Region: All region DVD


Disc 1: De la Riva Guard, Reverse De La Riva Guard, and Half Guard.
Underhook De La Riva To X-Guard Sweep
De La Riva Guard Side Roll Sweep
De La Riva Guard Side Roll Sweep To Berimbolo
De La Riva Guard Pass to North South Choke
De La Riva Guard Side Smash Pass
Reverse De La Riva Guard Tomoe Nage Sweep
Reverse De La Riva Guard To Z-Guard Sweep From Failed Tomoe Nage Sweep Attempt
Reverse De La Riva Guard Backwards Step Sweep
Reverse De La Riva Guard Pass To North South Choke
Reverse De La Riva / Invert Guard Pass
Half Guard Pass
Half Guard Pass To Back Control
Half Guard Pass To Brabo Choke
Disc 2: Butterfly Guard, Back Control, and Side Control.
Butterfly Guard To The Back
Butterfly Guard To X-Guard Sweep
Butterfly Guard To X-Guard Sweep #2
Butterfly Guard To X-Guard Sweep #3
Attacking The Turtle To The Mata Leon
Attacking The Turtle To The Arm Triangle
Back Escape Counter
Seatbelt Control To Arm Triangle
Back Control Triple Attack
Side Control - Near Side Brabo
Side Control - Monoplata
Side Control - Mounted Triangle
Side Control - Mounted Guillotine
Side Control - Double Step Over Kimura

Click below for the Commercial Video

To order Lucas Lepri No-Gi Master Series DVD Set click here

UK BJJ brand - 【TATAMI FIGHT WEAR】 New Lightweight gis, collaborate rashguards, BJJ Tshirts, Tank top and accessories as well as missing items back to store.

Super light weight Jiujitsu Gis
【Tatami Jiujitsu Gis Sub-Zero Ultra light Competition White】

Best value and lightness  - NOVA BASIC - New Color available - Black
Nova Basic BK2Nova Basic BK3
【Tatami Jiu Jitsu Gis Nova Basic Black】

Designed by the talented Chris Burns designer New rashguard
Tatami The Thinker Jiu-Jitsu Monkey Longsleeve Rashguard1Tatami The Thinker Jiu-Jitsu Monkey Longsleeve Rashguard4
【TATAMI rashguard Thinker Monkey Long Sleeve Black】

Tatami Zen Gorilla Rashguard1Tatami Zen Gorilla Rashguard4

【TATAMI rashguard Zen Gorilla Long Sleeve White】

New T-shirts Collection
Tatami BJJ 2016 Olympics Shirt1Tatami BJJ 2016 Olympics Shirt2

【tatami T-shirts Jiu Jitsu Olympics Black】

Tee Knuckles Jiujitsu Navy1Tee Knuckles Jiujitsu Navy2
【tatami T-shirts Knuckles Jiu Jitsu Navy】

【tatami Tank top Jiu Jitsu Summer Grey】

Jiu Jitsu bands (wristband)  - Hand made
Jiujitsu Band PurpleJiujitsu Band BK

【tatami Jiu-Jitsu bands】

Jiujitsu Band

The well-known brand of BJJ in Brazil - 【KIMONOS DRAGAO】

New Jiujitsu Kimonos/ Rashguards/T-shirt and bags are available.

With those missing long-lasting Jiu Jitsu Gis back to stock!

The New Products are:

GI Combat Wt1
【DRAGAO Jiujitsu Gis COMBAT White】

GI Combat Blue3
【DRAGAO Jiujitsu GisCOMBAT Blue】

GI Combat BK3
【DRAGAO Jiujitsu GisCOMBAT Black】

Rash Submission Bk1Rash Submission Brown1Rash Submission Wt2
【DRAGAO Rashguard Submission Short Sleeve White・Brown・Black】

Shorts LOGOS BK1
【DRAGAO Fight shorts LOGOS Black】

Shorts Skull BK1Shorts Skull BK2
【DRAGAO Fight shorts SKULL Black】

Shorts Skull wt1Shorts Skull wt2
【DRAGAO Fight shorts SKULL White】

Tshirts Born to Fight wt1Tshirts Born to Fight Blue1Tshirts Born to Fight Bk1
【DRAGAO Tshirts Born To Fight White・Blue・Black】

Tshirts Fight for Life Wt1Tshirts Fight for Life Bk1Tshirts Fight for Life Green1
【DRAGAO Tshirts Fight For Life White・Black・Green】

Tshirts Champion wt1Tshirts Champion BK1
【DRAGAO Tshirt Champion White・Black】

Tshirts Since1974 Gray1
【DRAGAO Tshirt Since 1974 White/Grey】

Tshirts Basic Gray1
【DRAGAO Tshirt Dragao Basic Grey】

20130828 02520130828 027
【DRAGAO Gym Bag COMBAT Black/Silver】

Gym Bag Bk Yellow
【DRAGAO Gym Bag COMBAT Black/Yellow】

Backpack Bk
【DRAGAO back bag BLACK Black】

Commerical videos of DRAGAO Jiu Jitsu gis


New T-shirt: 3800JPY

TAPOUT Striking/Training MMA Glove Black 6000JPY

New Bag: 5800-6800JPY

New Youth Cap: 3800JPY

New Cap: 3800JPY

New Beanie: 3500JPY


New Belt: 4000JPY

TAPOUT Stiker pack(6 Pack) 1200JPY


Compression T-shirt Alpha Combat Fitted 4500JPY




Compression T-shirt Precision Combat 4500JPY




VENUM Fight Shorts Korean Zombie UFC163 White/Red 6000yen

VENUM Fight Shorts Jose Aldo UFC163 White & Red


ACO Performance Training Top 7350JPY


Hybrid Training Shorts series 6300JPY

Tishirt: 3500JPY

Training jacket series 8500JPY

Women's t-shirt: 3990JPY


Caps 3500JPY

Beanie 3500JPY