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Singled out by Ronaldo Jacaré as one of his secrets to winning Jiu-Jitsu World Championships, the nimble, nonstop, flowing game is a slew of techniquest

hat aims at stunning opponents and forcing them to play defensively, whether on top or bottom. In order to break down that combat philosophy – useful both in BJJ and MMA, – GRACIEMAG sought out not only the Brazilian fighter who’s been making waves in the UFC, but also judo superstar Flávio Canto.

The magic of seamless Jiu-Jitsu

In the step-by-step pictures, Jacaré reveals his main drills and repetition training methods with the aid of another UFC ace from Manaus, Alan Patrick “Nuguette.” Wanna make this a trait of your game as well? Get your GRACIEMAG #201 now.

 The wall

Absolute champion of the 2013 ADCC, Roberto Cyborg, 32, reveals how he blocked the paths of Keenan Cornelius and Marcus Buchecha through tactics, pressure and techniques of anticipation

The new emperor of China

Cyborg comes back from a loss at his weight class to win the absolute over favorite Buchecha, while Cobrinha finally beats Rafa Mendes and Kron Gracie goes for an all-submissions campaign, among other stories.

Surprises, comebacks and dreams come true

Murilo Santana leads a battalion of first-time champions in another unpredictable Worlds No-Gi


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