BLACK BULL Convertible Backpack [bj-663]

BLACK BULL Convertible Backpack [bj-663]

Our Selling Price: 12,800JPY(tax incl.)

Weight: 1000g

Manufacturer: BLACK BULL

Type: Convertible Backpack

Color: Black

Material: Polyester

Storage: side pocket 2, inner pocket 1

Measurement: backpack specification vertical 55 cm wide 40 cm thick 30 cm

Shoulder bag specification (enlarge) Vertical 85 cm Width 40 cm Thickness 30 cm

Capacity: Backpack specification 48L / shoulder bag Specification 72L

Weight: 1 kg

Product Description: Bull Terrier new brand BLACK BULL newly released Convertible Backpack.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, mixed fighting sports and kickboxing etc. It is a bag of 2WAY specification which can be made to shoulder and backpack which were made with usability in fighting sports thought.

The right side can hold many accessories and the left side is insulated so that wet PET bottles etc can be stored.

Because the whole is ventilated with a mesh structure, even wet things do not smell.

Moreover, when expanding to use shoulder, it becomes even larger capacity, it can accommodate big things, practice is diverse, and equipment is suitable for many fighting sports.

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