WOMEN'S VKN PRO SW Jiu-Jitsu GI White/Purple [vlk-237]

WOMEN'S VKN PRO SW Jiu-Jitsu GI White/Purple [vlk-237]

Our Selling Price: 19,800JPY(tax incl.)

Retail Price: 20,800JPY

Weight: 2000g

New special edition WOMEN'S VKN PRO SW - White Gi with purple contrast stitching.

The new VKN PRO SS is a redesigned competition Gi with a more fitted cut, bringing together an adjusted Gi with a comfort feeling, in a Pre Shrunk 100% Finest Brazilian Cotton.

Vulkan Gis are made of Honey Comb Weaved Fabric and Rubber Lapel providing lightness, quality and faster drying. Super light: It weights about 2.8 lbs . Vulkan Gis are the lightest Gi in the market today. Great Kimono for everyday training and especially for those hot summer days!

VULKAN GIS ARE 100% PRE-SHRUNK so there are no worries about shrinkage.

Original BJJ Gi, Made In Brazil!

Competition Approved.

Manufacturer: VULKAN

Type: Jiu Jitsu Gi set down ※ belt is sold separately.

Model: VKN PRO SW Female

Color: White

Material: 100% cotton

Size: Standard size

Processing: Pre-shrunk (shrink-proof)

A00 size ... More or less than 1.25kg

A0 size ... More or less than 1.3kg

A1 size ... More or less than 1.35kg

A00 size ependymal Length 65.5cm Width 54cm cuff from cuff 141.5cm cuff width 13cm

Pants length 88cm width of a garment 53cm inseam 71cm thigh width 27cm

A0 size ependymal Length 66.5cm Width 50.5cm cuff from cuff 150cm cuff width 13.5cm

Pants length 91cm width of a garment 50cm inseam 70.5cm thigh width 26.5cm

A1 size ependymal Length 70cm width of a garment 53.0cm cuff from 150cm cuff width from cuffs 13.5cm

Pants length 98.5cm width of a garment 50.5cm inseam 73.5cm thigh width 28.5cm

A00:Height 150cm~165cm Weight~54cm
A0:Height 165cm~170cm Weight~64cm
A1 Height 170cm~175cm Weight~74kg
A2 Height 175cm~180cm Weight~84kg
A3 Height 180cm~190cm Weight ~94kg

*These jackets and pants seem little big on height and weight.We recommend going for the size of one is less than 5cm or 5kg.

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