Black Magic Closed Guard DVD by Dan Covel [vx-527]

Black Magic Closed Guard DVD by Dan Covel [vx-527]

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Weight: 400g

Coach and competitor, Dan Covel lets you in on his secrets to perfecting an aggressive closed guard game. This instructional will dispel the myth that the close guard is a stalling position. ARMBARS... SWEEPS... BACKTAKES... Dan teaches you how to obtain all of these positions with expert precision and from multiple angles. Don't miss out on this unorthodox approach to a traditional position.




4.Armlock Reversal

5.Inverted Armlock

6.Secondary Armlock

7.Armlock Vs Low Stack

8.Armlock Vs Running Opponent

9.Secondary Armlock #2


11.Inverted Armlock #2

12.Belt Grip Armbar

13.Double Attack Kimura / Triangle

14.Knock Over Armbar

15.Farside Armbar

16.Americana Trap

17.Vs. Sao Paulo Pass

18.Armlock / Back Take

19.Throw Off Back Take

20.Double Armlock

21.Head Trap Sweep

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