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Item Description

BULLTERRIER Jiu Jitsu Gis Heavy White[bjk-077]

Our Selling Price: 16,800JPY (tax incl.)
Weight: 2000g
Top:Hard and steady made of new Bull tech wave cloth (550gm)
Pant:light ripstop

A0 Size Top Length67cm Chest Width48.5cm Sleeve end to end 147cm Cuff width15cm
PantsLength88cm Waist Width50cm Thigh28cm Inseam64cm
Around 1.65kg weight

A0L Size Top Length68.5cm Chest Width50cm Sleeve end to end 153cm Cuff width15.5cm
PantsLength91cm Waist Width50cm Thigh28.5cm Inseam67cm
Around 1.7kg weight

A1 Size Top Length70cm Chest Width52cm Sleeve end to end 156cm Cuff width16cm
PantsLength93cm Waist Width52.5cm Thigh30cm Inseam68cm
Around 1.8kg weight

A1L Size Top Length72.5cm Chest Width52cm Sleeve end to end 160cm Cuff width16cm
PantsLength97cm Waist Width52.5cm Thigh31cm Inseam71cm
Around 1.85kg weight

A2 Size Top Length75cm Chest Width57cm Sleeve end to end 164cm Cuff width16.5cm
PantsLength98cm Waist Width57cm Thigh31.5cm Inseam72.5cm
Around 1.95kg weight

A2L Size Top Length77.5cm Chest Width58cm Sleeve end to end 170cm Cuff width17cm
PantsLength100cm Waist Width57cm Thigh32.5cm Inseam75cm
Around 2.05kg weight

A3 Size Top Length79cm Chest Width60cm Sleeve end to end 175cm Cuffwidth18cm
PantsLength104cm Waist Width60cm Thigh34cm Inseam75cm
Around 2.2kg weight

A4 Size Top Length82cm Chest Width63cm Sleeve end to end 183cm Cuff width19cm
PantsLength108cm Waist Width63cm Thigh36.5cm Inseam78cm
Around 2.35kg weight

Shrinkage rate:

Jacket  about2〜3%

Pant About3〜4%

Size reference:

A0 Height145cm〜157cm weight42kg〜55kg

A0L Height153cm〜165cm weight48kg〜62kg

A1  Height158cm〜170cm weight55kg〜69kg

A1L Height163cm〜175cm weight59kg〜73kg

A2  Height166cm〜178cm weight62kg〜78kg

A2L Height171cm〜183cm weight70kg〜85kg

A3  Height175cm〜187cm weight79kg〜93kg

A4  Height180cm〜194cm weight90kg〜115kg

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